Ready for your best enrollment year yet?

Introducing the education digital marketing industry’s most generous referral program

Refer a qualified* lead and instantly get a check for $10,000

Over the past 2 years, our clients’ success has propelled us to become one of the fastest growing companies in the agency industry. We wish to continue executing our vision of becoming the most trusted digital marketing agency for education organizations. With that in mind, we are thrilled to launch our first referral program!

The purpose of this referral program is simple:

To show our tremendous appreciation for simply introducing us to your network.

Our average client reported as much as a 5x increase in leads during the last year. We know many more education marketers would love to have this advantage.

And that’s why we’re willing to reward you — in a big way — for your help…

How It Works

Step 1: Share your network’s contact information via the form on this page.

Step 2: A Grow Enrollments marketing strategist will reach out and walk your network through a free, no-obligation strategy session, so they can see a proven process for enrolling high quality students, for less.

Step 3: If we mutually feel like it’s a good fit, we cut you a check for $10,000 the day we sign the agreement.

Step 4: Repeat! There’s no limit to the number of qualified leads you can introduce us to.

The education organizations that we help best are looking to hyperscale their enrollments with a true partnership –especially those who operate in highly competitive markets.

We use a proven framework involving a combination of digital performance data and engagement data from prospective students. The combination of these two pieces of data has allowed our clients to hyperscale their quality enrollments.

Thank you for supporting your network and Grow Enrollments.

Clients We’ve Helped Grow


“We’ve been a client for several years now. They’ve been so great to us that we now think of them as more of a partner than just another client.”

James Winstead


“Within two months of working with this team, they literally were able to hit our lowest cost per enrollment we have ever seen while hitting our highest monthly enrollments.”

Sara Hernandez


“The team is sharp, driven and hardworking. They have an outstanding knowledge of the SEM space and truly cares about their clients. It’s rare to find passion and talent in one place, but they managed to corner both markets.”

Vincent Santino

Senior Director of Digital Insights & Analytics Kaplan Test Prep

Referral Info


What’s the catch?

We don’t work with just any education organization! We have to be strategic on how we invest our energy and resources. This is why we specifically look for clients that are looking for a true partnership and are currently spending more than $30,000 a month on Google Ads.

When will I receive a check for $10,000?

As soon as we sign the agreement with your referral, a Grow Enrollments representative will reach out to request the information required to cut you a check. You will receive it 5-10 days after the agreement has been signed.

What type of education companies are a strong fit for your digital marketing services?

Our most successful clients are those who are open to innovation, believe in the power of frequent communication, and understand the importance of integrating front and back end data. We do not look to work with organizations that are stuck in the past or resistant to the reality of the shifts taking place in the education space.

What is a qualified referral?

A qualified referral is simply someone you refer who ends up becoming a Grow Enrollments client.

Why are you doing this referral program?

We want to create an incentive for gaining access to your network; which you built over many years in the industry. We also want to fairly compensate the people who help us continue to grow and reach our mission of being the most trusted digital marketing agency in the education space.

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