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The only digital ad agency that guarantees you grow your enrollments

After almost 7 years in business, no other agency has been able to match the results we deliver for clients.

That’s why Grow Enrollments promises what no one else is willing to do in the digital advertising industry: We guarantee our campaigns exceed your enrollment or cost-per-acquisition goals.

In fact, we work for FREE until this happens.

See where you’re wasting your ad spend today

When you use search engine marketing, YouTube or display ads to drive leads for your educational organization, there are multiple places where you can uncover “hidden” opportunities. You can capitalize on these quickly when you know where to look.

In this video, you’ll see where we found $513,306 in ad spend that led to zero leads or enrollments. This savings was then shifted into strategies that started driving new enrollments.

Curious to learn how much your account is wasting? Visit the step-by-step guide.

Sara Hernandez


Within two months of working with this team, they literally were able to hit our lowest cost per enrollment we have ever seen while hitting our highest monthly enrollments. Because of them, we are now saving $2M a year while growing enrollments.

60k+ attributed enrollments in the last 2 years

Because we focus exclusively on the education industry, our strategies are optimized specifically for increasing enrollments at universities, trade schools, and e-learning platforms. This ensures you always get the highest quality leads and applicants.

So if you struggle to hit enrollment goals, pay too much to acquire students or have trouble differentiating from your competitors, contact us today for a free demo. You’ll see why our average clients cut their acquisition costs by at least 20% in just 30 days.

The 6-Step Education SEM Connector™

The secret to the quick success our clients see is the result of a proprietary framework. Called The 6-Step Education SEM Connector™, this exclusive process — developed over the last 6 years — is specifically designed to increase leads and enrollment.

Education Sem Connector
When you work with Grow Enrollments, you get...
James Winstead
James Winstead

VP of Marketing

“We’ve been a client for several years now. They’ve been so great to us that we now think of them as more of a partner than just another client. Since our main focus is SEM, we can’t tell you how refreshing it is to work with a scrappy, knowledgeable team that, just like us, is actually willing to put in the effort required for reaching performance goals. They clearly understand that a long-term partnership is one of the most important outcomes of a client’s success. Since day 1, the team was committed to growing in tandem with us, and we’ve both managed to flourish through their leadership.”

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