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YouTube Ad Formats

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From our article here, we discussed all about the basics of YouTube advertising. In this one, we’ll be tackling the different ad formats you can use for this platform.

With each format comes different strengths you can utilize to make sure your ads are served as efficiently as possible and to the right audience. They can appear in different devices ranging from:

  • Mobile Devices
  • Computer
  • Television
  • Gaming Consoles

For in-video ads, you can also control the placement of your ads in the YouTube studio. Choose from the following positions:

  • Before video
  • During video
  • After video

Main Types of YouTube Ads

Just because YouTube is a video-sharing platform doesn’t mean they don’t have non-video ads. You can find here an array of ad types to suit your needs. In the platform, creators can select which of the five main types will be shown in their eligible and monetized videos. They can choose to show all of these types or none at all.

Display Ads

Like display ads on other platforms, you will be needing eye-catching collaterals to get the attention of your target audience. On YouTube, they are typically located to the right of the main video and above the list of recommended videos.

Overlay Ads

These ads are the rectangular ads that float above the main video. They can be closed or clicked by the viewer.

Sponsored cards

These are video cards shown on the main video, typically located at the end when the viewer has finished watching it.

Skippable Video Ads and Non-skippable video ads

These are video ads that are tied to the video that your audience is watching. We’ll be explaining more of them in the next section.

In-Video Ads

Skippable In-stream video ads

This type of ad allows viewers to skip the video ad after 5 seconds of playing. For this type of ad, you would only be paying when the viewer watches at least thirty seconds of your video ad or if they perform an action like clicking a link. The length of these videos may range from twelve seconds to six minutes.

Non-skippable In-stream video ads

Like the previous one, this type of ad is played after viewers click on a link to a video. Unlike the previous one, they would have to wait for the duration of the ad, usually about 15 seconds.

Bumper Ads

This is a type of non-skippable ad but is much shorter. Bumper ads are usually about six seconds long, or less. These are best for short and snappy ads that send a simple yet memorable message.

Back-to-Back and Midroll Ads for Long-form Content

These are also called ad pods. They appear for videos greater than five minutes in length for a more seamless viewing experience. You can also opt for mid-roll ads which cut the long-form video and show ads at these stops.

The beauty of ads in these different formats is in the specialization of each one. You can fine-tune your strategies down to the most minute of details, depending on the factors needed for the success of your campaigns—whether they are there to increase sales, drive leads to your website, build brand awareness, expand your reach, improve your product consideration, or some other goal.

Table of Contents
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