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Why Your PPC Campaigns Need CRO — And Vice Versa

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In a perfect world, you’d be putting in as much money as possible for your advertising needs—especially for Search Ads and CRO. However, we live in a constant attention-hungry, erratic digital world and you need to make the most out of your resources to make an impact and win over leads.

High Traffic Is Not Converting Traffic

Imagine seeing your site traffic at its highest and thinking you’ve struck gold with your keywords and search ad campaigns. And then…nothing. No inquiries, no conversions. Maybe they haven’t even reached the sign up page!

This is a common issue for marketers solely focusing on PPC campaigns without the accompanying strategies after the clicks are generated. In fact, around 76% of the paid search budget is wasted. Cue the horror music! You’re paying for every click so you’re better off making sure clicks become conversions with persuasive tactics.

Volume and Value—The Best of Both Worlds

You can do this with Conversion Rate Optimization. Once traffic comes to your website, you not only have to give informative content, you also need to make sure you’re offering something irresistible and unique to your company. Some little tweaks you can do to your site include having:

  • Specialized landing pages for each customer base
  • Compelling Call-To-Action buttons
  • Organized and clear layout and web structure
  • Design and images that resonate with your audience
  • Concise information

And remember: Test, test, test every change you make!

On the other hand, you also need to make sure you’re getting enough traffic. Without visitors, there’s nothing for your CRO magic to work on. Great PPC helps your website. Effective CRO makes the most out of your traffic. One feeds the other.

Clear Goal Makes Clear Minds for Conversions

You can implement all the advertising gameplans and gimmicks you want but without a proper foundation to catch both the interest and trust of your audience, you’ve failed. They either sign-up to you or they don’t.

Now you may ask: how do I establish this foundation?

Well, we’ve good some bad news and some good news. Bad news: It takes a lot more work and a lot more time to build a strong campaign and website foundations. The good news? The extra work you put in will last and drive results you wouldn’t have thought possible before.

The key isn’t to throw money at your PPC campaigns and CRO strategies. You only have so many resources to use. Here’s where expertise comes in. It can be easy to produce good results with enough money. But efficient marketing experts achieve maximum results with little spending.

And at Grow Enrollments, our team is made of seasoned professionals focusing on combining PPC and CRO to give you the best of both worlds. Let’s talk about how we can improve your current marketing efforts and see your results rise–all while keeping costs down!

Table of Contents
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