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What Makes A Learner Click

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With today’s students given so many learning options, it can be difficult for businesses to stand out. However, with good strategies to back up your online courses, you can generate a sizable amount of traffic that leads to long-term growth.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of what makes learners click ads, we first need to address the reasons why learners are turning to online learning. We’ve taken a deep dive into this particular topic in this article but here are seven advantages to online learning, as discussed by Open Education Database:

  • Flexible learning schedules
  • Reduced costs
  • Learning from the comfort of home
  • Self-paced lessons
  • Geographic flexibility
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Further refining skills

Knowing these reasons can help you customize and tweak your messaging–whether it’s through your copy or branding.


Despite the costs of education, the number one reason why learners undertake degree programs, training, and courses is how it improves their employment opportunities.

With this economic motivation comes the equal desire to get the most out of them. You can highlight discounts in your marketing campaigns, whether that’s through big, bold text in display ads or giving a percentage off in ad campaigns in search engines.

Moreover, having a limited time offering can raise the clickthrough rate of your ad. Discounts are also especially effective for remarketing campaigns as lower costs can finally push previous website visitors to finally subscribe or buy from you.

Niche subjects and experts

There’s a reason why geographic flexibility is among the top advantages of online learning. There are educational institutions everywhere in the world that people can learn from. However, not all programs are made equal. This is where subject expertise comes in.

The reason why many learners want to enroll in prestigious universities is that the educator in charge can make or break the learning experience. Afterall, nobody wants to invest money, time, and effort into something only to enter the workforce and realize that they aren’t equipped with the right knowledge or skills to do their job efficiently.

As such, it’s important to lay out and boast your qualified experts at the very beginning of the customer journey to prevent anyone from dropping off. There are online courses that execute this very technique through social media ads.

Course Structure

Another piece of information to provide learners through your ads is the structure of your course. This can mean different things from what kind of course you are offering (whether they’ll be enrolling in micro-credentials, MOOCs, online degrees, etc.), to scheduling, to types of assessments, and so much more.

You can further position your course to your audience by utilizing your landing page well. We have an article dissecting how CRO can transform your site into an effective part of your whole marketing plan.

Besides that, encourage visitors to explore your pages in order to increase their interest in enrolling through compelling CTAs and insightful content.

If there’s one thing you need to remember from this article, it’s this: Keep the needs and challenges of your target audience in mind and provide a glimpse of the solution whenever you advertise to them.

By doing that, your company is providing value to individuals–whatever stage they are in the marketing funnel–making them more likely to conduct business and remain loyal.

It’s not just about finding the perfect channel or building the perfect campaign that will get your learners converting. It’s the little things that add up, starting from seeing an eye-catching display ad to remembering your company through remarketing efforts.

Table of Contents
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