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What A CRO Audit For 2023 Can Do For Your Enrollments

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New year, new strategies! For something to change, you need to try out and launch fresh strategies. With a CRO audit for the new year, you can enhance your current marketing campaigns. Identifying and fixing any errors and inefficiencies can pave the way for more enrollments down the line.

Why is it needed? Here are some of the advantages of a CRO audit:

  • Solidify brand awareness, and consequently, brand recall
  • New information can be used to streamline your website traffic and direct visitors to conversion
  • Solve issues that are otherwise causing friction in the current customer journey
  • Create better tactics for a more compelling package (whether you’re offering an education product or service!)

These, ultimately, lead to higher conversion rates.

What Does An Audit entail?

How You Can Benefit From It

From the words of our very own CRO associate Ivan, your paid search, social media, or other marketing strategies might get you a ton of traffic, but it’ll only be great if your website matches its energy. Sending your visitors into a maze-like, dead-end site will produce little to no conversions.

Enter CRO. When your website answers the questions your audience might have, is compelling and aligned with what they are looking for, traffic becomes customers. Imagine retaining your volume of leads at the start of the funnel, and how much growth you can have because of this.

How We Do It

Grow Enrollments does not just dabble in Conversion Rate Optimization. We have a full-service team dedicated to just this service. This ensures that we cover each and every aspect of this process from:

  • UX Audit
  • Data Research
  • Wireframes
  • Optimal Website Design
  • Testing
  • Reporting
Our Secret Sauce

In our team, we abide by a structure to help us figure out what your website needs the most—and the fastest. This results in both quick wins to get your conversions going and foundational wins which can ultimately help your campaigns in the long run.
We employ a series of changes from making your website functional to reliable, then to usable, and finally, enjoyable.

Interested in hearing more? Don’t hesitate to fill up a lead form. We can grow through your landing page to share insights on what you can change.

Just For You and Your Leads

Of course, one of the tenets of marketing is that each industry, field, company, etc. is different. Audiences from different industries have different needs, have different things that compel them.

As such, these differences bleed to each and every aspect of your website’s elements. Whether that’s the photos and videos you’re displaying, the information you’re providing, information you’re asking in your fill-up sheet, what web page links to what, and so on, these things all add up.

Why Reach Out To Grow Enrollments?

As you can see, Conversion Rate Optimization can be the be-all end-all of your conversion rates. Not a lot of companies focus their energies on their landing pages, to their loss. What’s good about it is that with just simple changes–low hanging fruits–you can have exponential increase in your enrollments and be ahead of competitors.

Discover how much of an incredible tool CRO is in boosting sales by reading through our articles here:

Or better yet, start your CRO journey with the new year with the guidance of our very own CRO team, complete with analytics, designers, and programmers.


Table of Contents
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