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Video Action Campaigns 101 And Why You Need To Launch One Now

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This is the era of videos–from YouTube educational videos, to short and snappy TikTok clips, to the eye-catching reels of Instagram. As such, you need to maximize your video sources in order to generate more traffic.

Video action campaigns are a simple yet cost-effective way to drive conversions to your site. Simply put, they keep your audience engaged and informed about your product or service. These are done through a “clickable and customizable call-to-action button” leading to your site.

Keep reading to discover and learn how to use them to your advantage.


Google shares multiple benefits of having video action campaigns. The three most salient ones include:

Driving Conversions

Video Action campaigns drive conversions in 2 ways:

Displaying video ads on and off YouTube
Gearing for the lowest Cost Per Acquisition

Improving Campaign Performance

Think of it this way: without this, your video ads are limited to their place of origin ie. like YouTube home feeds or Google’s Display Network partners for videos uploaded there, respectively.

With video action campaigns, you can pool together videos and spread them wide across platforms and audiences. Less hassle and time for more rewards reaped.

Scaling Campaigns

As mentioned above, you can immediately scale campaigns from one source to another, thereby widening your reach. Why is this important? For starters, not everyone is using every other app out there that might be relevant to your audience’s needs.

And even when people are using YouTube all the time, you can’t guarantee that they’ll see your ad at the right place and time.

Places for these videos

Here are where you can show these videos:

  • YouTube Home feed
  • YouTube watch page
  • YouTube watch next
  • YouTube search results page
  • Google video partners

Some Notes About This:

  • The shortest video you can use for this is 10 seconds long.
  • You have a maximum of ten characters for your call-to-action.
  • You can include headlines and descriptions to accompany the videos.
  • These campaigns are presented in either skippable in-stream or in-feed video ad formats.
  • Add assets to this campaign like sitelinks and lead forms for a more effective outreach.

For a full video explaining how to set-up your video action campaigns, watch this video here.

Based on a custom Nielsen meta-analysis, up to 10% Return on Investment was gained through a full-funnel Video Action YouTube campaign for Awareness. Think of how much more you can achieve with other goals.

Video advertising has been the future of advertising for quite some time now. It has special features that aren’t present in other types of ads like videos being highly engaging and informative at the same time.

Since video is a resource-heavy medium, you can ensure that your investments are bang for the buck by having video action campaigns that can effectively spread your videos and thus increase your website traffic.

For more information on this, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Grow Enrollments team. We have a dedicated team focusing on social ads.


Table of Contents
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