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Thriving In The 2023 Ad Landscape – Google, TikTok, and More!

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In the span of a single year, so many things have changed for the advertising landscape. So whether you like it or not, you’d have to contend with the trends and changes in order for you to succeed in your marketing and enrollment efforts this year.

Google Analytics 4

It includes several new and updated features compared to the previous version (Universal Analytics). Some of these features include:

Cross-device measurement

GA4 allows you to track user interactions across multiple devices and platforms using a unique user ID.

Event-based tracking

GA4 uses an event-based data model, which allows you to track specific interactions (such as button clicks or page views) and understand how they contribute to your business goals.

Enhanced data privacy

GA4 provides more granular controls for data collection and processing, and is built with a privacy-first approach to help you comply with data protection regulations.

Machine learning-powered insights

GA4 uses machine learning algorithms to automatically identify patterns in your data and provide recommendations for improving your website or app.

Integration with other Google tools

GA4 allows you to easily integrate with other Google tools, such as Firebase, BigQuery, and Google Ads, for a more comprehensive view of your customer’s journey.


GA4 enables users to personalize web and apps experiences with the help of machine learning, which increase the chances of conversion or other specific business goals.

Audience Segmentation and Attribution

Google Analytics 4 enables you to segment your audience, to understand your visitors behaviors and interests and apply attribution models that give a more realistic and accurate picture of how different marketing efforts contribute to conversions.

Video is Emperor!

If content is king, then video is emperor. It’s no surprise that Gen-Z have taken a liking to this medium. It’s fast, accessible, and able to relay so much information at a single time. Sure, the costs for video might be higher than other forms, but the return on investment is also high.

With a plethora of video types, you can pick and choose which one is best suited for you. Maybe your fitness course will do well through Instagram highlights, or maybe your bootcamp is most effective through Facebook video ads. Whatever they might be, it’s best to get to learn each social platform and what are the best practices for each one.

Read our article here to find out more!

Some examples of videos include:

  • Ad highlight
  • Informative and helpful content
  • Client testimonials

Era of Authenticity —from TikTok to BeReal

‘Tis the era to be authentic. There’s a great desire for the audience to see content that doesn’t try to persuade or to sell something. In this landscape of so many ads, you can greatly stand out by making sure yours is actually helpful and down-to-earth.

It makes no difference if you’ve been in business for a few days or have been working for years in the advertising industry. Keep an eye on these changes and adapt accordingly to stay ahead of the game!

The one thing that stays constant is how new technologies affect your business. Always be adaptable and confident in the steps you’re making in order to thrive in new environments.

Table of Contents
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