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The Trends and Foundations of Social Ad Success in 2022

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Social media is built off of fads and trends. This fast moving activity is how connections and discoveries thrive. From the newly opened coding classes to top rated cooking schools, users could find everything they need through it.

With such speed, it’s inevitable that you can get caught up with all the updates and posts. Soon, you find yourself as old news—buried under yesterday’s shiny new things. That’s why you shouldn’t be chasing down trends. Gun for solid foundation, one that can last years.

TREND: Hip Lingo and All the Buzzwords

As we’ve mentioned in our article here, it’s good to be updated on how your audience talks, writes, and communicates. However, it’s detrimental to replicate the same in your ads because it will easily look dated after a short period.

FOUNDATION: Focusing on the Goal

Not your goal! But your audience’s. If you consider what their needs and challenges are and incorporate them into your ads—both visually and verbally—you can improve your results drastically.

TREND: The Latest Marketing Gimmick

You know the trends. One minute companies are having snarky Twitter accounts, the next, people are dancing to the latest tune. Whatever they may be, these gimmicks can be a hit. Count yourself lucky if so. It’s next to impossible to generate the next viral thing.

The best you can do is to continue the momentum. However, you shouldn’t spend all your resources waiting for when your lucky stars align. It may not happen, after all. The digital world is huge with lots of competing noise.

FOUNDATION: Knowing what works

Instead of that, make sure you’re well versed in what, how, why, and where social ads work. Plus extensive industry knowledge. When you carry these info with you, you’re able to create captivating ads without having to resort to cheap knockoffs of other companies’ strategies.

TREND: Aiming For The Latest Platforms

If we can count the number of up and coming social media platforms that people tout as a must have, then we’d have a hundred fingers. Sure, it’s great to be a trailblazer in each platform. However, it’s not an efficient way to use your time, money, and energy.

FOUNDATION: Having balanced campaigns

Aim for tried and tested platforms. Or better yet, specifically target the ones where you know your audience currently resides. Be it browsing MOOC reviews on Reddit, sharing latest art created on Instagram, or raving about this amazing lecture on Facebook, you are guaranteed more conversions where there’s already interest shown in the platform.

Here are just some examples of trends and foundations that you should watch out for in your social ads. Remember, we’re not saying that you should totally let go of participating in trends. Rather, you need to make sure that the effort you expend in these are proportional to the output you aim to achieve.

Have a talk with our advertising experts. See what true foundation means and how we can change up your strategies for maximum success.

Table of Contents
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