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The Impact of Audience Awareness for your Company

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The “customer is always right” is one of the oldest sayings in business that has certainly stood against the test of time. In the digital world, it means truly knowing your audience by listening intently to their needs and pain points, all while attempting to provide a solution.

In this newsletter, we’ll be discussing how you can go about this by making sure that your ads serve to benefit them. Top companies like Google abide by this all too well, prioritizing privacy and the quality of ads by using tools and technology that further improve their knowledge of their user base.

Providing a seamless ad experience

In an article by MarketingTech, they dissect how great customer experience comes from consistent messaging across all digital marketing touchpoints, whether it’s through “website, social, blog, search, ads, mobile” or any other channels.

By providing valuable content and a seamless user experience, learners become more engaged and willing to fill out lead forms. Personalized ads especially create a lasting impression for audiences because it presents them possible solutions to their problems while answering questions they might have. In fact, around 87% of consumers say that personally relevant content positively influences their image or feelings toward a brand.

With this in mind, these types of content and ads become opportunities for your company to establish awareness and influence audience decisions. This way, the next time prospective students do their research, they will be checking up on your company name rather than using generic search terms. Check out our very own guide on how to move past the consideration stage.

Google Ads Data Hub receives MRC accreditation

Google started the Ads Data Hub as a way to combine two primary goals–to measure ads more effectively and to ensure user privacy. Recently, they received accreditation from the Media Rating Council for the following:

  • Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT)-filtered
  • Rendered and viewable video ad impressions
  • TrueView views generated through the Ads Data Hub user interface and API

The tech giant has also recently partnered with Kantar, a market research company, to utilize their platform, Brand Lift Insights, for ad effectiveness. These developments are expected to improve how marketers understand ad performance across all platforms, whether it’s through desktop, mobile apps, or mobile web. This will further allow marketing teams to get a more accurate assessment of how ads are performing and how people interact with them, helping your team create data-driven strategies to compel your audience’s decision-making behavior.

Among Google’s other measurement partners for reporting include:

  • Comscore
  • DoubleVerify
  • Dynata, Kantar
  • Integral Ad Science
  • Nielsen
  • Moat by Oracle

You can find the complete list of partners integrated with the Ads Data Hub here.

Understanding Customer Behavior

With marketing and the digital evolving constantly, successful long-term audience engagement involves understanding customer behavior and locking down ways to connect with them on a personal level. However, with so many competitors vying for students’ attention, it’s much harder to get your foot in the door. Here’s where having solid digital advertising strategies come in, helping you widen your audience reach thus resulting in more high quality leads, sign-ups, and enrollments.

Table of Contents
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