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The Best Ad Copy Practices During COVID-19

Ad copy is arguably the most important component of any marketing campaign. Without the proper ad copy, you run the risk of 1. Wasting money 2. Attracting the wrong audience 3. Potential lawsuits 4. Unqualified leads and much, much more. One big mistake that many marketers make is treating all industries the same and applying similar strategies to very different businesses. The education sector is very different from other industries and therefore must be treated differently when approaching and executing ad copy. There are also legal ramifications and guidelines you must follow for the education sector. Please review my previous article for a deep dive into legal ramifications of poor ad copy.

Today, we will be discussing ad copy practices and focusing specifically on what your institution should be doing during COVID-19.

Above you will find an ad from one of our education clients. This client provides both on-campus and online programs and their campus is located in California. California is one of the most impacted states from COVID-19, so their campuses are currently closed. Therefore, more emphasis and resources must be put towards online programs. Below, we will explain why this ad follows our best practices:

  • Immediate callout that you can learn graphic design “Online”
  • Highlights that Online classes are “Now Enrolling”
  • Highlights it is a “Bachelor’s Degree”
  • Highlights we have both Campus & Online programs
  • Phone Number for easy click & call

Many institutions are not suited for online adoption and are currently struggling after having to close their campuses due to COVID-19. If your institution is equipped for online classes, this shift must become a top priority. It is also important to use keywords like “Now Enrolling,” because this tells prospective students that even though COVID-19 is impacting classes, your institution is still up and running! Many prospective students are looking to enroll online courses at this time, so it is super important that your ad copy denotes that you have “Online” courses.

This brings us to our next strategy, which can be applied at any time but is particularly effective at this moment in history. This strategy is highlighting any special pricing or trials your institution is offering to attract new students. Online Masterclasses are spiking in demand because people are stuck at home and are now using this time to learn valuable skills, ranging from marketing to cooking.

Above you will find an example ad of a Marketing Masterclass. These have become incredibly popular and the space is very competitive, especially during COVID-19. Therefore, you need to make sure your ad copy stands out and highlights all the right things. Below we will explain why this ad follows our best practices:

  • Immediate callout that this is a 7-Day Marketing Masterclass
  • Highlights that Online classes are “Now Enrolling”
  • Highlights it has Special Pricing Available “NOW”
  • Highlights they are doing “Virtual” tours
  • Phone Number for easy click & call

Ad copy is now more important than ever. Prospective students along with everyday people are looking to educate themselves while at home. Therefore, we must ensure our ad copy is reaching these audiences and providing them with all the information they need to result in a qualified click. Qualified clicks equal higher chances of enrollments!

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