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The Art and Strategy Behind A Website’s Copy and Collaterals

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With humans’ limited attention span, we direct our focus on things that pop and stand out. That could mean many different things—from compelling copies and enticing calls to action, to dazzling images and videos and navigable layout.

Conversion Rate Optimization is just as much an art as it is a science. In our article here, we mentioned how data can be maximized in order to back up your CRO efforts. In this one, we’ll discuss the art behind CRO—how you can perfect each element.

Copy That Converts

Imagine yourself in the shoes of the customers (or the laptop screens, if you will). You’re not going to a website to read all the history of the company. You’re there to get information that’s relevant to your needs. Back to your business boots now–your copy should address those needs.

The most heavy-converting elements—from the Sign-Up CTA, current promotions, and course offerings—should be the very first thing they see on the landing page. Most courses follow this format. Where do they differ though?

It’s all in how compelling your copy is in your offers and promotions.

Quick tips:
  • The more succinct, the better
  • Instill a sense of urgency
  • Be clear in what you offer
  • Align copy with customer goals
  • Add numbers and statistics

Images That Invite

Take yourself back to the early 2000’s and remember the websites then. Little care for image quality, if there were any, right? Now, it’s all about the images. We live in a visual world, after all.

That doesn’t mean that you can just slap any image you fancy in your website. Ask yourself this question: Does this image add anything to the message your team is trying to get across? If not, cut it out. You have limited rental space on your website, so make sure every pixel counts.

This is why many courses prefer to have a video on their landing pages. They’re visual, engaging, and easier to process than big blocks of text. It’s all about your priorities for your website to know what your customer should first see.

Quick tips:
  • Choose images that speak your brand
  • Make sure that your videos don’t drone on and get to the point
  • Layout images on areas that don’t detract from the text
  • Make sure elements are optimized for different devices

Copy + Collaterals = Success

So now that you’ve got excellent copy and collateral, what more do you need? Next up is making sure all these elements come together in harmony.

Have you ever seen a website with so much going on that you immediately want to exit the page? That’s what happens when your pages are cluttered and missing a goal.

Remember that your goal is conversions, not an award for the best website. Optimize these elements. Make sure that copies and images, the pages, and the CTAs are stitched together in a common direction and theme.

Mapping the typical customer journey on the site will help you with this. Besides these, expertise in UX/UI design and CRO will be needed to really hone in on an effective website, primed for conversion.

Talk to our CRO experts to see how we can improve your site. Who knows, you might gain insights from an audit call and see a meteoric rise in conversions.




Table of Contents
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