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Social Media Trends of Higher Ed

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In today’s world, social media is more important than ever for education marketers. Not only is it a powerful way to connect with students and their parents, it’s also a cost-effective way to reach a large audience quickly.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the most popular social media trends in education marketing, and discuss how you can use them to leverage your campaigns. Get ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Here are a few social media trends that universities are currently using to promote their programs and courses:

Recent Trends

Campus Events

One of the most popular methods for promoting campus events is through social media. Universities often use Instagram and Facebook to share photos and videos of their events, as well as gather feedback from their followers. They also use hashtags (#) to help people find related content more easily.

This engages not just their current students but also their alumni and potential learners by showcasing how dynamic it is to study in their institution.

Video Content

The modern social media world is powered with videos—from short-form videos such as TikTok uni trends to long-form content like campus tours. You can also mix and match with your own videos, highlighting course offerings as well as garnering user-generated content.

These range from “I Got Into ___” videos to student takeovers where your students can directly post on your institution’s social media for more personal videos and clips.

Recruiting new students

This method is another important aspect of university marketing. Universities use various social media platforms to reach out to potential students and engage them in conversation. They may post ads on specific websites or run targeted campaigns on popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

You can display achievements and future plans such as campus expansions. Doing so gives prospective students a picture of their own growth and improvement through your institution’s offerings.

Building student relationships

This involves becoming transparent about the school’s culture, values, and offers so that students feel connected to it. Make sure to always provide support during times of difficulty (like when a student is struggling with an assignment or with financial matters), as well as access to resources like teaching materials and tutoring services.

Something about social media utilization: People will flock to your account if you’ve got something useful or unique to offer. This may involve removing the barriers for people to reach out to you and ensuring prospects can readily get access to helpful resources.

Social Media Platforms

The popularity of social media platforms has grown dramatically over the past several years. As student-centered content is being used more and more to drive higher engagement, the platforms have become essential to marketers. Posts can range from videos, photographs, and text-based content.

The success of such content can be measured by the number of views, likes, and shares on social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are primary focuses for a majority of students.

This method is effective because students are interested in sharing information with their friends and followers. In the past few years, social media marketing has become more sophisticated and complex as universities have realized the importance of using these platforms to reach out to potential students and alumni.

Each of its platforms offers its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to reaching out to targeted audiences.


This platform is often used for uploading general information about the university, as well as news stories and photos that are relevant to current events or trends. It’s also a great way to keep students up-to-date on important academic happenings and developments.


Twitter is best suited for sharing about specific programs or courses that the university offers. This makes it easy for students to find information that’s related to what they’re looking for, without having to wade through pages of posts.


This social media channel can be extremely effective when used in conjunction with other platforms like Twitter and Facebook. By posting images that represent the university in a positive light, it can help attract new students and alumni who may be interested in learning more about your institution.

Social media is the primary driver of change at the college level. Today’s younger generations are the most technologically savvy and connected generation of students to ever exist. They are also adapting to new ways of learning and accessing information.

The social media landscape at the college level is changing significantly, and it’s important for colleges to adapt to meet the needs of this new generation of students.

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Table of Contents
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