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Remarketing Through Display Ads

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Remarketing is a whole different ball game compared to your usual advertising campaigns. For one thing, you’re showing your ads to someone who has already been exposed to your company.

Be too insistent and your leads may get annoyed, crushing any possibility of getting them to convert. Too little effort and it won’t be enough to finally push them to become a customer.

For a recap on what remarketing is, check out our short article here.

Figure Out The Needs of Your Audience Groups

Know the things that make your target audience hesitant to enroll in your course and provide the solutions for it.

For example, you can immediately capture the interest of price-sensitive prospects by providing promo codes or flashing an upcoming sale. You can also use this strategy to appeal to leads in the research phase who are benchmarking your company with competitors.

Of course, each learner will have a different problem. This leads us to our next tip:

Segment Audience Types

If there’s one thing in common about digital marketing, it’s that the more personal the content is, the better. By segmenting audience types, you can tweak your ads to maximize their potential when trying to convert customers.

For example, you can segment audiences which have engaged or shown interest in your courses targeted toward professional upskilling. Grouping these leads together means you can schedule your ads to match the time they dedicate to scroll through their social media.

Develop a Sense Of Urgency From Leads

Today, the online world operates in the fast lane. When you fail to advertise at the most opportune moment, this can mean new business for your competitors.

And we’re not just talking about your direct competitors. In the virtual world where choices are abundant, you are also competing against products and services that are taking the attention of your leads away from learning.

One of the ways to increase your audience’s sense of urgency is to include time buzzwords for your call-to-action such as “Last Minute”, “Until”, and “Hurry”.

By combining a compelling copy with a push for urgency, leads can shift their attention from others to your business. Remarketing through display ads on social media is effective since this is where all sorts of leads frequent in their downtime.

Upselling or Cross-selling to your Audiences

Just because a lead has already been a customer doesn’t mean that you should stop any efforts in advertising to them.

Keep these two things in mind when upselling or cross-selling:

  1. Learning is all about relating the knowledge you’ve gained with other interconnected topics.
  2. Courses can be consumed in short intervals of time.

These factors mean that there’s an opportunity to showcase and increase the interest of your customers for your other products or services. For subscription-based learning, you can showcase new courses to existing customers to improve brand exposure and loyalty.

Increase your website visitors for a more seamless experience

Remarketing campaigns don’t work on their own. A successful remarketing strategy stems from successful marketing solutions like search and social ads. A well-balanced overarching strategy is the key in renewing interest for your company. 

Table of Contents
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