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PPC Trends You Need to Know Going into 2023

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Are Pay-Per-Click advertising and Google Ads among your biggest enrollment and revenue drivers this year? Google conservatively estimates that when done right, PPC generates $8 in profit for every $1 investment.

PPC remains a top choice for growth strategies because of how advanced its targeting has become, allowing businesses to reach their intended audiences at a more efficient and effective rate than ever before.

As 2022 comes to a close and you’re drawing up marketing plans for the upcoming year, here are PPC trends you have to keep an eye on to stay in the lead:

Google Search will continue to dominate

Google still remains king over the search engine game, owning nearly 93% of the market share. This massive user base makes Google a prime source of marketing opportunities, and therefore also an extremely competitive playing field for capturing leads.

Need more reasons to pay closer attention to your Search strategies? Here are some additional stats:

Trading 3rd-party cookies for 1st-party data

Google’s moving into a more privacy-conscious environment and phasing out 3rd-party cookies. For users, this promises more security over their digital information. For marketers, this means significantly less user data and online behavior to study and strategize with.

How do you prepare for this shift? Enter: First-party data.

First-party data is information you collect directly from your customers or target audience. Some examples of this data include email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses.

To continue marketing with the same precision you’ve done using 3rd-party cookies, you’ll have to leverage lead data you’ve collected through your website, sales calls, CRM, and in-person meetings to name a few.

Video ads’ role in converting leads

Consumers have become more visual over the years and marketers have reported seeing an increased reliance on video ads to make purchase decisions.

In fact, 94% of marketers report that video ads have made it easier for consumers to understand products and services. This has led to more leads and sales while decreasing the need for support calls.

Prepare to incorporate more informative video materials in your 2023 marketing strategy and watch your brand grow.

PPC & Voice Search

Are you already incorporating voice searches into your PPC ads? If not, you might want to jump in the wagon as soon as possible. According to WebFX, “sales from voice search are expected to reach $40 billion, with 50% of shoppers expected to use voice shopping in 2022”.

These figures are only expected to grow in the coming year as conversational marketing takes center stage in building lasting customer relationships.

Emphasis on Consumer Privacy

With today’s consumers becoming more informed when it comes to protecting their identities online, brands will establish more credibility if they assure consumers that their data is secure and not getting sold to third party agencies.

Intentional Content

The most successful marketing strategies merge educational and sales content. When businesses pursue keeping consumers informed before persuading and selling to them, more trust is established and you can expect more repeat transactions and word-of-mouth marketing.

The more intentional and personalized business’ content strategies are, the more effective they are at converting leads into customers. In 2023, companies will benefit the most from staying away from impersonal copy and investing more into conversational content.

More outsourcing to digital marketing agencies

Due to the rapid transformations happening in the education space, in-house marketing teams are conceivably having difficulty remaining at the forefront of the industry developments. To stay effective and profitable and continue growing, more companies are predicted to outsource the optimization of their marketing to agencies.

Wrapping up your 2022 strategies

There’s no universal marketing game plan that will guarantee ongoing growth for all and every business. What’s currently working for your competitors may not necessarily work for you even if you’re trying to capture chunks of the same market.

Review your current strategies–break up the effective from the inefficient, what’s working from what’s not–and combine them with what you know of the trends influencing the education space.

Need support getting your growth plans ready for 2023? Our team at Grow Enrollments will be happy to foolproof your marketing campaigns for the new year. Call us to know more!

Table of Contents
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