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In this age of data and automation, using metrics allows you to properly gauge campaign results and improve on them in the future. However, not everything is relevant for your business. Depending on the platforms, your campaign goals, and data availability, some are more useful than others.
Video is a popular medium for capturing the attention of people and showcasing online courses and programs to prospective customers. Besides YouTube, there are other platforms and channels where videos can be utilized to bolster your digital presence.
The customer journey shouldn't stop after their conversion. You need to constantly engage with your customers so that they can be satisfied with your service and keep on coming back. This is where digital advertising comes into play when trying to retain customers.
Every learner is different, whether it’s the medium of learning distribution they prefer or what stage they are in their careers. As such, you need effective strategies to guide your learners through the customer journey.
Differentiating leads from prospects is crucial for high-consideration services. Besides that, not all prospects are made equal. The more engaged and aligned prospects are with your business, the higher the chances of their conversion.
The education landscape has drastically changed within the past few years. Not only is there rising costs in learning, there are more players and platforms to choose from and newer demands by learners.
Facebook plays a prominent part in digital advertising. In order to run a successful Facebook ads campaign, you need to master several key features of their Ads Manager Platform such as Audience, Ad Placement, and Campaign Budget.
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