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In the dawn of highly targeted ads, a mistargeted one can backfire on your company quickly. Not only does it generate insignificant conversions, but it can also have negative consequences for your long-term brand recognition and reputation.
Remarketing is different ball game compared to your usual advertising campaigns. Instead of trying to get your audience's attention, you need specialized strategies as you’re showing your ads to people who have already been exposed to your company.
ot all keywords are made equal. You can bid to as many keywords as you can possibly think of but that won’t guarantee sustainable returns to keep your business growing.
The Great Resignation was prompted by employees seeking greater flexibility and benefits from their current workplaces. However, there is a huge mismatch for companies looking to fill positions due to skill level expectations and requirements.
Advertising once meant broadcasting your message as wide as possible. It’s no longer a winning strategy in today’s digital world where you have multiple competitors for the customer’s limited attention. Finding better leads means greater chances of conversion because they’re the ones converting into customers.
No one source is singularly important. You need to balance traffic from all sources to generate the most conversions. It’s not sustainable to get all of your traffic from a single website since any change in that channel can significantly affect your marketing process.
If there’s anything top online courses have in common, it’s a great marketing strategy and a seamless website experience. These two factors ensure that potential leads face as few bumps in their customer journey as possible.
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