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In the age of streaming and subscriptions, customer loyalty is the new conversion. It’s the best way for your business to stay in top shape. Instead of going against the fast pace of eLearning, use it to your own advantage to cultivate and retain customer loyalty.
We’re living in the era of hybrid work and learning. It’s not really a surprise that they've come to dominate the modern landscape. Afterall, they offer the best of both worlds and have shown that organizations can adapt to these changes.
The beauty of digital marketing is in its metrics. As the tried and tested adage goes, what can be measured can be improved. This means you can easily spot which parts of your campaigns are lagging behind and as a result, tweak them for greater returns.
For decades, the top choice for students after secondary education was to go to university. With a competitive job market and plenty of education programs to choose from, students are more than happy to explore other options that fit their needs best.
During the benchmarking stage of the buying cycle, your focus should be on helping the leads address their challenges as they research, which becomes the driving force that persuades them to choose your course.
The launch of Discovery campaigns marks an overturn of Google’s priorities as well as the whole online experience. Discovery showcases topics that the AI deems as interesting based on previous interactions of the user or customer intent signals.
With today’s students given so many learning options, it can be difficult for businesses to stand out. However, with good strategies to back up your online courses, you can generate a sizable amount of traffic that leads to long-term growth.
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