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Micro vs. Macro wins in CRO

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In order for any Conversion Rate Optimization campaign to be effective, you need to have clear goals. These goals act as a North Star so you can implement clear and winning strategies.

As marketing professionals, we usually have one, singular goal: to make a sale. That might be true but we also have other goals along the way that can aid and speed up the process.

Think of it this way: An athlete’s ultimate goal may be to win an Olympic medal. That’s no easy feat. Along the way, they may have other goals that are easier to attain and would help them bag that medal. These may include strength training, improving flexibility, reducing sprint time, etc.

In website terms, it’ll be something like:

  • Adding items to cart
  • Downloading documents from your resources page
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Clicking links towards the Contact Us page
  • Account creation

These will be what you call micro-goals or wins. They can be in the form of navigation, interaction, or engagement-related actions.

Macro wins on the other hand could be anywhere from:

  • Purchasing items from the cart
  • Subscribing to platform
  • Filling up Contact Us form

Here are some great reasons why you should start tracking your micro wins as well:

Points Out Hurdles in the Customer Journey

The keyword here is friction. You want the customer journey to be as smooth as possible and micro-goals can help with it. By identifying which elements are overachieving in their goals vs. which aren’t, you can tweak underperforming ones so they can be just as successful. This will prevent potential clients from dropping out in the first place.

Makes Website Experience Smoother

Tracking the progress of your micro wins on your website lets you know which path leads to the most conversion. Aside from that, you can work on the things that slowed conversion. Perhaps you can shorten the sign-up form or add a button on the landing page to get them to go to the page that would fulfill their inquiries before they could convert.

Improves Efficacy of Campaigns and Future Interactions with Leads

Going by our earlier athlete analogy, micro-goals are the ones that make the race much easier for your lead, shortening their time getting to the finish line. As a result of the changes you implement with the micro wins, your campaigns are more streamlined and optimized for conversion.

Google Analytics Goals

You can use the Google Analytics platform in order to track the progress of your micro wins. So far, Google allows four different types of goals which include:

  • Destination: When a specific location—like a webpage—loads
  • Duration: When a user spends time in a page for a specific amount of time
  • Pages/ Screens per session: when a user opens a specific number of pages from the same website in a single session
  • Event: When an action is triggered by a user. Clicking an ad, for example

It’s important for any marketer to have a clear eye and understanding of the big picture and minutiae of their strategies. With the combination of tracking macro and micro wins, you can effectively get more conversions from leads.

Table of Contents
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