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Maximizing Each Dollar Spent On Clicks

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Advertising is a complicated series of processes that rely on each other so you can take your audience from mere strangers to committed and engaged. The nitty-gritty of each step should be examined and maximized to affect the bigger picture. These little processes contribute massively to the success of any campaign or strategy.

Automated Bidding

Before we spend time talking about maximizing clicks, you first need to know what automated bidding entails. As the name suggests, Google is in charge of setting the amount for bids for your ads, based on their own calculation of how ads will be perceived—measured through potential clicks and conversions.

These bids will differ based on your business goal. You need to keep in mind the trifecta of visibility, clicks, and conversions. Sure, in an ideal world, you can maximize all of them at the same time. However, you have a limited budget; so you must use that budget wisely to get the most desired results for your investment.

The Anatomy of a Click

As we’ve discussed in one of our previous articles, there are many metrics of success for advertising. It all depends on your overall goal for your business. For example: generating brand awareness, increasing website conversions, and upping view counts of your ads, to name a few.

Attaining clicks, for another example, are mainly reliant on having a low Cost Per Click (CPC). But what is the main purpose of a click? Well, it’s to bring interested customers to your website. Without that click, there would be little to no conversions. As such, CPC bidding might be an ideal focus for your next strategy.

Maximizing Clicks

In order to maximize any action, you need to remember this equation:

Strategy + Budget = Intended Effect

The more focused your strategy is or the higher the budget, the more you can get your intended effect, like high clickthrough rates, for example. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t attain a high volume of clicks with a low budget. It boils down to the focus and effectiveness of your strategy.

Remember that at the end of the day, the success of your campaigns relies upon the tiny tricks and techniques, the latest trends, etc. all adding up. You’ll need to be vigilant and on top of the latest best practices in your advertising efforts.

You can have all the clicks in the world but if they aren’t high-quality, primed-for-conversion clicks, then all your dollars spent are wasted.

Table of Contents
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