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Make Sure Your PPC, CRO, and Soc Med Ads Are Working Together

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With the variety of ways to promote your course or institution, it can be dizzying to decide what or how to prioritize your advertising. In this article, we’ll talk about the need for balance in your strategies and exactly how to achieve maximum results for lower costs.


The key is in the name: Pay Per Click. This medium is only as good as the clicks you’re getting. That means that you need to give your audience an incentive to make clicking your links worth their time. Think of:

  • Promos
  • Unique Benefits
  • Time-based campaigns


Conversion Rate Optimization is the silent king. We visit hundreds of websites daily and yet we seldom think about the millisecond-long decision-making process that our brains perform. For example: the website is loading too slow? Click close immediately. The purchase instructions are vague and unclear? Abandon cart. You can’t find prices and course offerings? Check out your next option instead.

With proper CRO strategies in place, your leads are effortlessly guided down the sales funnel.

Social Ads

Think of social ads as the reel that will keep your audience hooked and interested. They’re usually in the form of display ads so your graphic game should be at their very best. Make sure that these ads are in harmony with the graphics and copy of your website and other forms of ad.

One thing to always keep in mind is that one strategy feeds off the other. When you have effective PPC campaigns that usher in high volume traffic to your website but subpar UX and UI, those leads won’t be converting any time soon.

With all of these essential working parts, you need to be an expert in all areas of digital advertising. When you work with Grow Enrollments you’re partnered with specialists in growth and education marketing.

Table of Contents
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