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Integrating CRO To Make Website Visitors Stay

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Conversion Rate Optimization deals with turning as many potential leads into paying customers. In our other article, we described how you can do this through small changes to your current strategies.

For a more big-picture approach, one thing you can do to improve your conversions is by increasing your visitors’ interest in what you have to offer.

Below we’ve analyzed the website metrics of top EDU platforms using Semrush for the month of June 2021:

You’ll see that each education company has areas where their strategies work and somewhere they don’t. Having a solid CRO strategy to improve these less efficient areas is a no-brainer. To start out, here’s a brief overview of these areas and how you can boost their performance.

Pages Viewed

This metric counts how many pages a visitor has explored on your website. Having a well-connected website helps you keep site visitors browsing.

How to improve it:

  • Make sure your pages are easily navigated through clear website structures.
  • Keep visitor interest high by having value-rich call-to-action buttons that lead to other informative pages or to the subscription page.
  • Conduct A/B testing to see what elements of the landing page acquire the most interaction and boost that to the top of the page.
  • Capture the problems of your target learners and dedicate content to solve their needs in the form of your product or service.

Average Visit Duration

The education space has become more crowded and hyper-competitive over the years. Because of this, not every traffic you get will be 100% on board with what you offer. The goal of measuring and improving the Average Visit Duration is to make sure that your content is engaging enough for individuals to spend more time on them.

How to improve it:

  • Make sure your marketing efforts are in line with your offering. This way, your site visitors end up being leads that have some level of interest in your product or service. A mismatch here can produce a high bounce rate.
  • Examine which pages act as dead-ends that do not lead visitors to other pages and work on adding engaging elements to them.

Bounce Rate

With today’s general audience needing instant gratification, capturing their attention has become a high-priced commodity.

Site visitors can easily get impatient and can exit your website any time if what you display isn’t compatible with what they’re looking for; or if it has an abundance of technical issues.

Bounce rate is based on the number of single-page visits you’ve received divided over how many visits you’ve garnered in total.

How to improve it:

  • Check for the quality of user experience such as loading time. Keep in mind that 40% of consumers drop out of websites that take over 3 seconds to load.
  • Be customer-focused. Do they really need to see the same ads popping on their screen over and over? Bombarding leads with content that distracts them from your product or service–especially those at the beginning of their customer journey–can be costly. Instead, make sure your copy is useful and relevant, answering problems your customers have.

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Table of Contents
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