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Incorporating Conversion Rate Optimization

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Today, companies have more access to the widest audience reach than ever, being able to tap prospects from across continents and time zones. However, this comes with a caveat as there are also more companies competing over people’s limited attention. For example, in the education industry, there’s only an average of 6.49% clickthrough rate for Google searches. Check out the full Business 2 Community article with the full infographic below here.

There’s only so much you can do to increase your traffic until it hits its peak. With the limited digital traffic that you attain, it’s vital to ensure that you capture leads who become paid customers, maximizing your advertising investments from the get-go. Here is where Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO comes in.

Around 65% of the total ads in Google with specific, buyer-intent keywords such as “ ‘buy’, ‘shop’, ‘purchase’” get clicked. With the proper measures in place such as call-to-action content, you can nudge leads towards doing what you intend for them to do in the first place–from getting them to sign up for online courses, to downloading apps, and asking about your product or service.

The art of persuasion in the digital sphere

CRO is all about persuasion and accessibility. Your campaigns might drive high-volume traffic going to your website but if they aren’t converting into sales, your efforts become ineffective and expensive. Why should they buy your product or subscribe to your service? How can you compel your audience to choose you over the competitor? What are some tweaks you can do to aid their decision-making process? These are the questions you need to address to increase the number of leads who turn into customers.

The logic behind the solution to this problem is simple–the more optimized your page is, the more conversions you have, helping your business grow exponentially.

How can you incorporate these changes to your digital presence?

Built In and Google shared some simple changes you can make to your website that can instantly improve your CRO game:

  • Updating your website’s headline copy
  • Showcasing conversion buttons such as “Buy Now” or “Sign-up” more prominently
  • Adding testimonials from clients
  • Displaying engaging videos
  • Using clear and specific keywords
  • Adding prices to your ad materials

Besides these, a common mistake many businesses make in their landing pages is not having sign-up forms when in fact, it has the highest conversion rate at 23%.

Incorporating these measures help your website maintain maximum effectiveness, allowing you to convert as many high-quality visitors as possible. For a more deep-dive into the topic, we’ve discussed lead quality and tracking in one of our previous articles.

Keep in mind, however, that you need proper data in order to make sure that the changes you implement are guaranteed to make positive results for your business. An article by Moz outlined some of the data you can use, including:

  • What pages typically bring in the most visitors
  • Devices used in browsing through your website
  • The last pages visited or activities made before users leave
  • The website features visitors are interacting with

Cross-device Conversions

Now that people have multiple digital device touchpoints, there is a great need to connect actions done in one device and completed using another. For example, a person might research online courses through their phones and then sign up using their laptops. These are called cross-device conversions and utilizing this type of conversion gives you a more comprehensive report campaign performance.

Learn more about it on Google’s guide on conversion tracking here.

CRO strategies that work for the EDU space

Parents of K12 students who are looking for engaging and educational content for their kids versus a person looking for a job will have different reasons for signing up for a course. This is exactly the reason why it’s important to niche down and focus on the strategies that work for your specific audiences.

Table of Contents
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