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How to Use Webinars to Increase Your Online Course Sales

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Webinars are a great strategy for capturing attention, especially for online learning platforms. Presenting live in front of your audience shows just how engaging online courses can be.

Here are six ways to use webinars to boost online course sales:

Event Promotion & Registration Page

Knowing your target audience is crucial for advertising webinars. Engage with them by asking them questions, responding to their comments, and encourage them to share your upcoming event.

The appealing registration page should serve as an invitation for new prospects. It needs to provide specific benefits that participants can expect to achieve from this experience followed by CTA like “Don’t Miss the Chance to Learn How to use Google Analytics Today.”

If you’ve been selling courses for a while, you probably have an email database. These contacts are ideal targets as they have already subscribed to your list. The key here is segmentation. Make sure you’re only emailing people who haven’t yet bought the specific course you plan to sell. Also, as your webinar gets closer, send reminder emails to maximize the likelihood of participation.

Expanding your reach

You should also strive to attract the attention of people who are not on your existing email list. One great way to expand your reach could be writing blog posts related to your webinar and course content. Do not forget to include a CTA button on your registration page. You should definitely advertise on Google, Facebook, YT, and LinkedIn where you can enable specific targeting and share promos along with blog posts. Once your webinar events and social media channels are synchronized, you’ll be able to promote your online courses to a wider audience, boost your content visibility, and ultimately generate more leads.

Structure of the Webinar

These days, everyone is familiar with how the webinar works, so keep the introduction short and focus on how you can help your audience solve their problems. This builds trust and strengthens your connection with your audience. You must also repeat your solutions (how you can help your audience solve their problems) whenever you transition to different segments so everyone is clear on what they will gain from the course. An optimal structure would be 30 mins of content with the short intro, with enough time in the end for Q&A and course promotion.

Record Your Webinar

You should always record your webinars to maximize their selling power. For example, you can continue driving sales by reusing this content on your website, YouTube channel, etc. After the event, make sure to email your webinar to any prospective customers who didn’t attend the webinar as well as to those who did. This will give them an opportunity to rewatch the webinar and sign up for your course.

Provide Multiple Payment Options

There will always be people who attend your webinar and are ready to make a purchase but simply aren’t able to pay the full amount at once. Therefore, it is essential to offer different payment methods, like the options of paying the full amount at once or paying a monthly fee.

Discount to Participants Only

A great way to show gratitude for attending your webinar is a discount for the course that is only available to people who attended. It’s strategies like this that often lead to impulse purchases.

Table of Contents
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