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How to Use Student Data to Skyrocket Conversions

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CRO is all about data. The only way to drastically improve and transform your landing page is to be certain about its many moving parts. Yes, it can be intimidating to learn about metrics, A/B testing, optimization rates, etc. But it’s also quite intuitive to dive into the world of CRO. After this article, you’ll never see websites the same again.

Small Clicks Lead to Big Changes

Imagine this: you’re at a website for a course browsing, browsing, and browsing. You don’t notice it. There are small things that pick up your attention, maybe the banner announcing a 20% sale, maybe an article on study tips, or perhaps testimonials from previous learners.

Whatever the element is, they help tell the story of what the prospect is looking for. You can turn that into a concrete thing by tracking traffic, clicks, the pages they explore, etc. These little things add up to a seamless website experience which solidifies brand trust and then increases chances of conversion.

For more details on website metrics, read here.

It’s All About Lessening Friction

In Conversion Rate Optimization, we have these things called:

  • Drivers – what drives people to your site
  • Barriers – what makes them leave
  • Hooks – what persuades them to convert

The answer to these questions is found in your data! Of course, you’d need to back that up with knowledge of both CRO strategies and audience behavior. When you’ve got these two factors in the equation, then you can implement some changes to your site.

A tip so you won’t have to waste a lot of time and resources: Do A/B testing for particular elements. Yes, it’ll be a lot slower but it’s safer that way. Overhauling your campaigns and strategies all at once can take away current strategies that are actually working for you—unless you’re at the hands of experts.

Keep In Mind Averages But Don’t Let It Consume Your Strategy

With the wealth of information on CRO that can be found on the web, you might come across different industry averages for these metrics. They’re uber helpful when you’re just starting with building a proper CRO strategy.

However, keep in mind that there are so many things that can be affecting your conversions. You might not know it but there may be low-hanging fruits in your website that needs updating or tweaking even though you’re above industry standards. A single missed element can slow your growth down.

Or, on the other hand, you’re below industry standards and you resort to changing so many things on your website due to random advice. The result might be a lackluster site that looks and reads like every website out there. Where’s the balance that you should strike, you ask? Well, (and going by what this article is about) it’s all about the data.

You need to keep in mind that all websites and companies are different, each with different needs. As such, each element should be treated with utmost care and consideration.

Remember, a 100% conversion rate is impossible but inching ever so close to that goal is possible when you’re following highly specialized strategies.

Interested in learning more about CRO? We’ve got you covered. We have tons of articles here on our site. Or you can contact us today and talk to our CRO team. We can also build a custom plan for your company’s growth strategies—did we mention it was free?

Table of Contents
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