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How To Get Your e-Learning Marketing From The Friend Zone To The Marriage Zone

Let’s take a trip down the memory lane and think about all of our past relationships.

Can we all agree that we had some good leads, we had some bad leads, and some leads were so qualified and in sync with your CRM that you even married them?

I am sure you also remember those leads who were so friendly they got stuck in the “consideration phase“ we often call The Friend-zoned lead. Let me loop you on a little secret: some friend-zoned leads still end up in a marriage zone, and this is exactly what you should be aiming for with your e-Learning marketing.

You can get your leads out of the friend zone through an Omni-Channel Approach. Today, prospective students engage with more than 1,000 digital touchpoints before filling out their first lead form. Engaging with various pieces of digital content (i.e. video content, student testimonials, social media posts, etc.) plays a crucial role in the educational path.

Let’s assume your awareness strategy was effective and you are currently at the “make it or break it“ consideration phase. At this point, prospective students begin researching programs and educational institutions. If you really made a good first impression in the awareness phase, you will see an increase in prospective students searching for your company’s name rather than just Non-Branded generic searches.

Even though Non-Branded and Branded campaigns are two sides of the same coin, they play a pivotal role in the success of your campaigns. It is essential to launch Branded and Non-Branded campaigns with the goal of driving high-quality leads through your enrollment process. Create an appropriate structure based on your offerings.

Example: Alpha – [Program Name] – Non-Branded – Exact, Beta – [Program Name] – Non-Branded – Exact where Alpha (Use All Match Types)


Only queries that have turned into a lead/application/enrollment (depending on which data is integrated)


If you have applications or enrollments data in your Google Ads platform, Beta queries are those that drive leads but not applications/enrollments for the purpose of testing. If you only have leads in your Google Ads platform, then Beta would be queries that are relevant but yet to generate a lead.

Secondly, having a strong presence on YouTube – the second largest search network – and nurturing that presence is highly integral to overall brand growth. Prospective students are 60% more likely to move on to the next step after watching videos related to their desired program. An in-market strategy is the best choice if your goal is to drive engagements. It is a way to connect with the people who are actively researching your products and services on YouTube, Google Display, or within the Search Network.

Create In-Market YouTube strategies with creative that resonates with prospective students who intend to follow through on their research and submit a lead form. With the use of these strategies, you are one step closer to hearing the wedding bells and getting to that Marriage Zone.

At the bottom of the funnel, prospective students will divide into 2 groups: those who submitted a lead form and the ones who did not. Leads from the latter group are at risk of getting stuck in the Friend zone. Take action and reconnect with prospective students who have shown interest and are close to taking action. Provide valuable content to drive them back to the website – Paid Search, Youtube, E-mail Marketing, etc.

Check out the graph below and identify your account. For identifying if your account is in a Danger Zone watch this short video to find out how much you’re wasting in monthly ad spend. If you are paying more than you like per lead and struggling to hit enrollment goals hit that button below and get in touch!

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