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How to Generate More Online Enrollments

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COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in the future of many education institutions, and the urgency to drive online enrollments is higher than it has ever been. Institutions are now shifting the bulk of their on-campus lead budgets towards online, since they currently cannot enroll any on-campus students. This means they must make up the lost campus leads with even more online enrollments – more than they ever planned on enrolling. It may seem like a simple thing to do, but such a drastic demand for online enrollments requires very serious strategizing. Below, we will review some of the top strategies and best practices for increasing your online enrollments.

Campaign tCPA Goals

Your online campaign’s tCPA goals should be adjusted to reflect the increased importance of traffic and leads obtained from these campaigns. TCPA goals have a huge impact on the amount of traffic your campaign will generate. For instance, if you have a higher tCPA goal in campaign X vs. campaign Y, campaign X will naturally get more traffic since it has a higher allowable CPL goal. You are allowing Google to bid higher in more auctions and spend more ad dollars to gain leads. Therefore, all of your online campaigns should have their tCPA goals increased. Depending on overall budgets I would start with a 25% increase. For example, if your tCPA goal was set at $100, I would set the new goal at $125 and monitor the results. This can be used to dramatically increase the amount of traffic achieved by these campaigns and generate those additional leads you’re looking for.

Ad Copy

If your institution is equipped to offer online classes, promoting these classes must become your top priority. It is important to use keywords like “Now Enrolling,” because this immediately shows prospective students that even though COVID-19 is impacting classes, your institution is still up and running! Many prospective students are looking to enroll in online courses at this time, so it is crucial to use the phrase “online” in your ad copy. Here are some callouts to include in your ad copy:

  • Immediate callout that the course is offered online
  • Highlight that online classes are “Now Enrolling”
  • Highlight if there is any special pricing available “NOW”
  • Highlight the degree if it’s a Certificate, Associates, or Bachelor’s Degree
  • Highlight that you are doing “virtual” tours
  • Phone Number for easy click and call

New Programs & Masterclasses

The demand for online Masterclasses is spiking because people are stuck at home and are using this time to learn valuable skills ranging from marketing to cooking. This is the perfect time for you to offer new programs that are suited for people in this exact situation, like a 7-day or 1-month boot camp, masterclass, or introduction course that will lead to a full-time student. You should use special pricing and ad copy to attract prospective students that you may have never reached before, since you are now offering something new! If these new students have a great experience with their first course, you can market additional courses or even get them to sign up to be a full-time student. This strategy will open the door for your institution to attract a whole new pool of prospective students by bidding new keywords like “masterclass,” or “online boot-camps.” These new students will also allow you to create valuable remarketing lists, which you can market to in the future for more services.

Table of Contents
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