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How Learners Benchmark Online Courses

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When someone wants to buy something online, they go to an online shopping platform and either browse through the homepage or do a quick search. There, they begin comparing different brands in terms of the products’ prices, photos, and reviews.

However, customer benchmarking isn’t as straightforward when it comes to online courses. But the process of comparison is more or less the same.

Let’s start at the very beginning: when the learner is sure that they want to enroll but have yet to decide where. This is the most crucial period and you need to be present not just consistently but also strategically.

During this stage of the buying cycle, your focus should be on helping the leads address their challenges as they research, which becomes the driving force that persuades them to choose your course.

Through this process, potential customers will be asking different questions as they measure their options. Here are a few of them:

Do they fit into what I’m currently looking for?

Given the breakneck growth of industries, the in-demand courses and programs will change just as quickly. As such, you need to be ready for these or you risk losing potential customers.

For example, edX showcases different types of programs and courses they might have under the big umbrella topic of programming. They do it through highly effective search ads:

This strategy is effective because it already provides a clear pathway for learners, which is one less thing they need to worry about.

Are they the best at what they provide?

Not all products are of the same quality. People are certainly pickier when it comes to something that can heavily influence their careers. That’s why, as with online programs, you need to find your strengths and be the best at it.
A good example of this is if you have top-notch educators which you can maximize through student testimonials. But it’s not just authority on a subject that counts. The best programs know their form and niche well. There’s no such thing as “best online course” but you can be proficient in different forms which include:
  • Gamification
  • Microlearning
  • Mobile learning
  • Accessibility
  • Certifications
  • Engagement

Will they be giving me the best value for my money?

This is much more than just being the cheapest option available. It actually has more to do with being able to give more to learners than just what they paid for.

More than the knowledge and skills they’ll attain, you have to highlight how these courses have made applicants star employees, boosted careers, and even transformed lives. Stories like these motivate people to get on the same journey as your previous learners. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Some quick tips to stand out amongst other competitors:

Be proactive

Don’t wait for customers to come knocking at your door. Launch eye-catching social ads or interest-piquing YouTube video ads.

Know your weak areas and improve them

Make sure that you improve on the marketing channels you aren’t getting any leads on. It might not be the lack of fish that’s going on there but that you’re using the wrong fishing rods to get the job done (hint: ineffective strategies and tools).

Make conversion easy

Sometimes, it’s not about the big promises of change that you give to learners but the ease of accessing the materials. Add easy-to-spot buttons for direct access to subscription pages, contact forms, and the like. Read more about this here.

Improve Through Metrics

Benchmarking is all about the numbers. But it doesn’t stop there. Solutions that bring sufficient change require effective strategy.

At Grow Enrollments, we don’t just focus on surface-level changes. We target profit-driving areas from the get-go. To show you the substantial growth you can attain, we’re offering a free, personalized audit for your digital campaigns.

Table of Contents
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