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Google’s Newest Search Features That Will Transform Digital Advertising

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The Google Search page can be quite overwhelming, for students, parents, administrators, and even marketing professionals. It’s no guarantee that it can give the information that you are trying to seek.

For example, say you are searching for the best eLearning courses for programming, instead it gives you on-site classes on regions far away from you. Or vice versa. Whatever it is, it takes a good deal of strategy to both produce answers you want on part of the students and show your information to the people who need them on the part of education companies.

As of November 2022, Google released a number of new features that will surely change the way we do Search. Here are some of the most pressing changes you need to be aware of right now:

Alternative Search Input

Gone are the days where you should rely only on a good keyword strategy to get you to your audience. In this digital world, people are searching queries in different ways from:

  • Dragging photos
  • Humming songs
  • Translating text

With these new search input methods, you need to keep up your game and devise ways in order to be at the top of the Search Results Page. Think of how much traffic you’re missing out just by ignoring these input methods.

Query Refinements

Think of Google suggestions and just how much they influence how and what we search. It’s even more dynamic now as Google parses predictions in multiple ways from who is searching, where, categories of their searches, etc.

Web Stories

The world is more integrated than ever. The storm brought by stories has come to Google—queries result in stories from reviews by people, photos and videos of location,

Take a look at an example of how different industries utilize this here.

In short, the way people search has changed from query = result by clicking on the link. Instead, Google encourages people to stay on the SERP and discover insights on it by providing as much information as possible—whether they’re in the form of text, photo, or video. It’s now your task to rise beyond this challenge. Pull in your audience by following some of Search best practices.

For a deeper dive, visit and learn from our articles below:

With all these new changes, it can be quite daunting to approach your digital campaigns. Don’t fix what’s not broken, right? But in order to grow, you must align your strategies with these new updates. Lest you risk being left behind.

These new search capabilities will change the way people interact with ads. If you want to succeed in this new era, you need to be ahead of the game and master these developments. With the help of our Search experts, we can guide you through this new landscape so your advertising plans can see growth with these new features and without losing the audience you currently have.

Table of Contents
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