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Google’s Glow Flow Report

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Setting up goals is the only true way for success. There are countless ways to go about achieving it but one of the sure-fire ways that Google themselves provide is the Glow Flow Report.

The Lowdown on The Glow Flow Report

It’s useful to think of the report as a visual summary of all your leads—the traffic from the very first viewers down right to conversion. A funnel, if you will. It’s more specific though since it tracks your goals along the way.

For example, it records website conversions that happened deep into the process or maybe conversions from social media posts early on. Or maybe you aren’t focused on conversions but downloads and website visits.

Besides these, the report can also show you where and when leads have dropped off. It’s useful to be able to track each step in order to have a more critical view of the entire marketing process.

Some of the answers that the Glow Flow Report can answer are:

  • Where do leads enter and leave the funnel?
  • What are the processes that cause loopbacks?
  • How do different segments of traffic react to certain elements? Why?

With the answers from these, you can create more efficient strategies and prevent waste of advertising dollars.

Best Uses of the Report

Compare Traffic Sources

The report provides different information from the original source of the traffic whether it’s by:

  • Campaign
  • Country
  • Browser

This helps you decide where to best invest your money on.

Improve User Engagement

The best thing about this report is that it demarcates what’s working well for the things you’re already doing. This way you can double down on your efforts to reach your potential leads successfully.

Funnel Analysis

When a campaign is successful, great, it works! When a campaign isn’t, well, it’s because of a million little reasons. It can be hard to pinpoint them to enact changes but with this report, you’ll easily spot these challenges. Look and gain insights from the behavior of your traffic, your connections, your leads, etc.

Detect Site Performance Issues

This report lets you easily see problems in the sales funnel. Some of the issues you can check are related to your website, ad medium, and technologies.

More concrete examples of this would be finding out broken CTA links, wonky newsletter copies, slow loading pages, appearing different depending on the browser, etc. It’s a good thing since problems won’t exist for weeks before you catch them, costing you conversions.

Common Features and Issues
  1. Unlike the Funnel Visualization report, the Glow Flow Report doesn’t backfill steps. What does this mean? It means that you would see the flow from the origin down to the last goal, even if a user skips a step or multiple steps in the process.
  2. The report has a delay so it might not show data points from the same day.
  3. To have a successful online presence, you need to utilize the best-fitting tools and strategies for your campaigns.
Table of Contents
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