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Garner More Clicks Through Authenticity For Your Social Ads

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It’s been said over and over again. Successful brands have an authentic digital presence. In order to have click-worthy ads and ready-to-convert audience, here’s what you should be doing:

Showcase their problems

Sounds counterintuitive? We don’t think so. When our ads—both copy and design—focus on the challenges students face when pursuing their education, we see an increase in clicks. That’s because that’s an authentic reflection of their lives.

Your ad should call out to them. Persuade them to take action. It should be easy but there’s a delicate balance of art, strategy, and knowledge of your customer base behind it.

Some of the types of problems you can showcase are:

  • Financial pain points – instead of saying your audience can save by signing up for your course, show how they can gain more with less price.
  • Productivity pain points – Talking about how you contribute to students’ need to be efficient through high-praise testimonials can work under this.
  • Process pain points – Maybe the learner is facing difficulties with his current learning platform. This can be the perfect opportunity for you to reel them in with what you have to offer. Remember though: Benefits over features
  • Support pain points – This assures added support as the audience go through the customer journey. It’s best to always stay top of mind

Here’s an example. Suppose a person is stuck in a dead-end job. She’s scrolling through social media and sees your company’s ad. “Learn Digital Marketing! Enroll in this Course Now” with a generic photo of people in a meeting. They won’t waste a second scrolling past your ad.

Instead of enticing them to learn more, tell them the WHY. They could range anywhere from “Earn X amount” to commiserating with “Tired of your job?” With the photos, it’s important to:

  1. Evoke the emotion behind the copy
  2. Have a consistent theme among all your branding materials— they could be from the photo, the style of the layout, the color, etc.

Be Intentional

Yes, there’s an element of luck when it comes to ads on social media. The right ad hitting the right person at the right time, like a game of darts. However, there are ways to improve your chances. Think of it as making the dart board bigger.

First is being intentional with all the elements. They should all be working together from the ads to the target audience set to the geography to the marketing goal. All with the genuine intent of helping your future customers. They can smell when you’re just after their money from a mile away.

Second is to constantly tweak and test your ads. This is the only way you can make your ads even more efficient and cost-effective.

Now that you are your most authentic self, it’s time for your ads to be the same! Follow our Education Center for tips ranging from Social Ads, to CRO and Paid Ads. Or get to know our team of experts before deciding to request an audit from us!

Table of Contents
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