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Functionality Vs. Enjoyability in a Website

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Your website is the gate to your company. They either work great or they don’t. Take a moment to remember the last websites you’ve encountered. Surely there were some elements that popped out from the page, whether they were good or bad ones.

These things can be attributed to either a website’s functionality or its enjoyability. In today’s newsletter, we delve into the things that make up both and what creates a seamless online experience.


Don’t be fooled by this term. It doesn’t mean that your customers need to be hollering in laughter as they browse through your site. Enjoyability can mean different things to different industries, companies, and even individual customers.

For example, fitness academies can feature sample workouts for potential clients to watch while interior design companies can showcase mock rooms so customers can visualize the furniture for their own homes.

These functions can even incorporate the latest technology. Both universities and real estate companies make use of Artificial Reality or AR to give virtual tours to website visitors.

Remember that customer interest skyrockets when you make the process of gaining information about your solutions more enjoyable.

Here are some general things to look out for to get you started on improving the enjoyability of your website:

  • High-quality photos
  • Engaging and useful content
  • Sleek overall look
  • Easily navigable layout
  • Color and element harmony


A lot of users judge a website, and the company subsequently, based on how it looks. However, functionality is equally important. Imagine this: your potential customers are browsing through your course listing when it’s taking its sweet time to load, or worse, crashes.

On the flip side, a fast loading page is directly proportional to increased conversion with 1.9% conversion for pages with 2.4 seconds of loading time versus a reduction to 0.6% conversion with 5.7 seconds.

For a functional website, consider all technical aspects and elements of it and how they contribute to the entirety of the web browsing experience.

Technical Aspects:

  • Mobile browsing readiness
  • Page speed
  • Spaces used
  • HTML and Backend structure
  • Responsive design


  • Landing pages
  • Buttons
  • Contact page
  • Navigation pane

Read our article here for more insights on how to ensure conversions for your visitors.

These are the two sides of the coin to consider when building or revamping your site. Fortunately, with expert hands, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. You can definitely have a fully functioning website that also looks aesthetically pleasing and provides a great user experience.

In fact, more conversions are generated when these two aspects are happily married—when one aspect doesn’t overpower the other.

Table of Contents
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