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Finding Success In Facebook Ads

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Facebook Audience

The average times a user clicks on an ad worldwide is 11 clicks and 19 clicks for the United States. In line with the principles of digital marketing, the best way to attain more clicks from your ads is to target them towards the audience who are most likely to purchase or subscribe from you.

We’ve previously discussed the different audience types you can reach. To recap, you have your Core Audience, Custom Audience, and Lookalike Audience. Each one presents an advantage so what you choose will ultimately depend on what you want to accomplish with your campaign.

Ad Placements

Besides Facebook, you can choose to showcase your ads in other platforms such as Messenger, Instagram, and their wider Audience Network which includes other apps. This gives you greater visibility among potential clients.

Within these platforms, you can further customize ads by selecting exactly where you want to display them. Some placements are present in different platforms like News Feed and Stories while others are specific to the platform. Here is a list of placements you can choose from:

  • News Feed
  • Video Feeds
  • Stories
  • Messenger Sponsored Messages
  • Instagram Explore
  • Facebook Marketplace

For a more in-depth discussion on this, check out Facebook’s Ad Manager guideline.

Campaign Budget

The great thing about digital ads is that you have full control over how much money you expend for your campaigns. Facebook allows you to input your desired budget as well as the length of time the ad will be shown. Based on this, it calculates how much you need to spend in order to show your ad to your specific audience. This can be done through an ad auction.

The Best Ad Format for your Marketing Message

You can try out different formats for your ads. When scrolling through their feeds or interacting with the platform, people gravitate towards different kinds of ads. More than that, these formats are mediums for different kinds of stories you can tell your audience.

Here are the basic ad forms that you can choose from:


Develop eye-catching visuals with copies that hook your audience into clicking the ad.


Video ads that are executed right help your business stand out. You can choose from having short or long ones and develop styles that are uniquely on-brand.


Facebook and Instagram stories are a great way to showcase what your business offers in an authentic and engaging way.


Messenger ads are all about lowering the barriers for your potential customers to contact or initiate conversations. Facebook provides both interactive and automated responses that you can use for your service.


The best thing about this format is that you can showcase up to ten different offerings to your customers. You cast a wider range of clients the more choices you offer.


With slideshows, you can present as much information as you think your client needs in an engaging manner. This eases customers to inquire further about your business.


This type of ad allows customers to “discover, browse, and buy” in their very own feeds, minimizing the hurdles in making a sale.


These ads allow your audience to experience exactly what your app does. It increases the chance of people downloading it after they see how the app interacts and appeals to them.

Ad Manager

In order to ensure that the ads you are running are fully efficient, you need to constantly track and measure your performance. You can do this through Facebook’s Ad Manager. It provides reports on your best running ads, audience breakdown such as devices they’re using or the age group that engaged with your ads the most, and other advertising costs. Use these insights in creating and developing future marketing strategies.

Table of Contents
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