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Facebook Ads

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Facebook doesn’t need an introduction. I’m sure you, your neighbor, your neighbor’s mother, and everyone else know what it is. What matters now is not why you should advertise with Facebook Ads but how.

You can lose so many marketing dollars to inefficient strategies. With that, let’s dive right into the basics of optimizing your Facebook advertising.

The Platform

Like every other platform, Facebook has its own niche that it fills. Align your ads accordingly to these needs. For example, Facebook provides in-stream ads since a lot of users watch videos on the platform. Maximizing them can bring a whole new level of intimacy for your brands.

This closeness can bring up “ad recall by 28%, brand interest by 28%, and purchase intent by 25%”. When was the last time you remembered something (like signing up for an online course) while doing a whole other thing? Ads can help compress the timeline of conversion. This way, you can allocate more resources toward others.

Ad Placement

Like the Google Network, Facebook has a wide range of places you can showcase your ads. From its main Facebook feed to Messenger inbox to Instagram Reels, you won’t run out of creative ways on how to reach out to the people who can benefit the most from your brand.

Some of the other places you can access are:

  • Facebook Marketplace, Video Feed, Right Column
  • Facebook Search Results, Facebook Instant Articles
  • Facebook In-Stream Videos, Facebook Overlay ads in Reels
  • Messenger Sponsored Messages
  • Instagram Explore, Instagram Shop
  • FB, IG, Messenger Stories
  • FB and IG reels
  • External Apps
  • Oculus

Ad Format

Facebook offers a variety of ad formats that you can utilize from the usual photos, videos, stories, and messenger, to the intriguing carousel and highly-visual collections. Add to that the informative slideshows right down to the interactive playables.

Mix and match these formats in order to attain the best feed experience possible. With the Facebook Ads Manager platform, you no longer have to guess what needs to be done. Say a bulk of your leads are clicking carousel posts, make sure to widen the reach of that ads to gain even more people interested in them.

Or say you are facing low conversions with ad stories. Before you cast out that format, first examine whether or not you maybe be doing something wrong with your copy or collateral. Right from the very first thought of your campaign, you should be wearing the shoes of your potential customers to know how they interact with these ads.

Set An Objective, Measure, and Grow

We’ve often talked about the three main objectives in marketing which are Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Each of them can be specified further in the platform like increasing ad views for Awareness or doubling website traffic for consideration. These goals are important because they dictate all of your choices—what format to choose, where to showcase it, how much money would be expended to achieve it.

By constantly monitoring your performance and incorporating actionable insights for improvement, not only will you be upping your Awareness-Consideration-Conversion game, but you’re setting your company up for success in the long run.

After all, presence and a good reputation matter the most in the education industry.


Table of Contents
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