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Education Trends That Will Shape Your Marketing in 2023

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The education industry keeps marketers on their toes by constantly challenging them to evolve. This leads to nonstop changes that develop and shape the EDU space.

This 2023, here are higher ed trends expected to impact the way education providers and marketers interact with and meet the needs of prospective students:

1. Gen Z resonating with personalized ads

Creating persuasive, conversion-driving user experience for Gen Zs–who happen to be more exposed to highly digital environments than any other generation–involves pursuing personalization in your strategies.

Personalization that successfully connects with and compels audiences is achieved by using relevant data. The conversion journey in the education space is understandably a long one. With prospective students benchmarking multiple education options, you can stay ahead of the competition by applying data to create conversational marketing and establish a memorable brand identity.

2. User Generated Content featuring students

The most successful marketing are those that create consistent interaction with customers and generate repeat transactions.

And historically, brands that succeed at this are those that establish a human connection with audiences through:

  • Removing jargon from any copy and switching it out for conversational, approachable language
  • Campaigns and marketing messages designed to evoke emotions
  • Occasionally opting organic, audience-generated content instead of professionally taken and touched up images

Education providers especially benefit from featuring real students and staff, and success stories to communicate genuine, slice-of-life content that helps leads justify the cost of enrolling.

3. Mobile-first design

A study of internet usage in 2022 by Statista shows that mobile devices accounted for 63% of organic search engine visits.

And as the next wave of tech-savvy students and professionals enter higher ed and the workforce, you win customers by making sure your brand is present where leads are. You should be there when they start being aware of their problems, look for solutions, and make a purchase decision.

4. Diversity & Inclusion

Today’s students are more selective about education providers’ culture around diversity and inclusion. Make space in your marketing to feature how your company supports race, gender, religion, and social equity.

A multicultural classroom (or cohort) helps prepare students for culturally diverse workplaces and other melting-pot environments. Education providers that strongly advocate for diversity and inclusion produce future workforce members that are empathetic, successful, and versatile.

5. Storytelling centered around education flexibility

Four-year degrees–with the exorbitant price tags attached to them–are becoming less accessible and less of a reasonable option for prospective students. On top of this, employers are also becoming less particular about hiring only degree holders. Today’s learners are finding ways to be job-ready without risking collecting outrageous student debt.

How does this affect education marketers and providers?

Future students are now more interested in education options that allow them to both learn and earn while pursuing their interests. Highlighting benefits like class schedule flexibility, accelerated upskilling opportunities, and job placement assistance significantly pack a more persuasive punch than ever.

Preparing your education marketing strategies for 2023

Entering the new year with an understanding of the shifts happening in the education landscape and foolproofing your strategies accordingly sets you up for success and continuous growth.

Ensure all-time-high lead-to-conversion results when you work with the education industry experts. At Grow Enrollments, we help you keep costs at a minimum while specializing in getting you your best enrollment year yet. Talk to us today to learn how!


Table of Contents
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