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Driving Traffic to Websites

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We’ve previously tackled the importance of CRO and how to keep leads engaged. In this newsletter, we’re taking a step back to see what actually gets them to invest attention and time to visit your site.

Keep in mind that no one source is singularly important. You need to balance traffic from all sources to generate the most conversions. It’s not sustainable to get all of your traffic from a single website since any change in that channel can significantly affect your marketing process.

Imagine the marketing funnel. You’ll be getting more conversions if the top is wider and catches a lot of traffic. In this stage, you shouldn’t limit your leads to a few particular audiences.

To start, let’s differentiate between traffic source and medium:

Traffic source is the platform that leads the audience to your website. Some examples include, Google’s search engine, or a particular newsletter campaign.

On the other hand, medium is much broader. For example:

  • Organic
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • E-mail

A sample report from the Google Analytics platform on new users can be seen below. The text on the left is the source while the one after the slash is the medium.

Search Marketing and Optimization

The digital information age has driven us to search for virtually anything just by typing a few words. SEOTribunal estimates that there are about 5.6 billion searches performed in a single day. This accounts for how students get answers to their education-related considerations.

Few tips:

  • Target long-tail keywords. They are specific yet relevant, and allows your page to be at the top of search results when a lead tries to look up keywords related to what you offer.
  • Create value-rich content by adding money-saving promotions in your search ads like “15% off”. This captures your target audience’s interest and nudges them to check your website for more details. Look at Skillshare’s strategy below.

Social Media

Utilizing this medium–for either paid social ads or organic content–allows you to tap audiences with similar needs as your current customers. Now, you’ll be able to reach them when they wouldn’t have seen your business outside of these platforms.

It’s also a great tool for remarketing as most leads spend a lot of time on social media.

To garner as many visitors, you need to speak their language. You can post the same content across the board but they won’t be equally successful. Learn more on what audiences from each specific platform are looking for in our article here.

Display and video ads

Display and video ads are great since they’re highly visual forms of promotional content. More than that, you can have widespread reach since these ads are shown across the Google Display Network which includes YouTube, Gmail, and as much as 2 million sites across the web.

Quick tip:

Get to know different kinds of audiences when it comes to interest targeting. This will display your ads to people who truly care or need your service. We’ve got an article right here that explains them in greater detail.

Other than these platforms, there are also other things you can do to boost your digital presence. They include:

  • Article Cross-posting
  • Hosting relevant webinars
  • Conducting contests
  • Discounts and other promos
  • Influencer promotions

Mixing it all up

The bottom line of these strategies is this: you need to understand the current and biggest learning struggles your audience desperately wants to get rid of.

When you provide the solution to their pain points, securing their interest and their eventual enrollment will be infinitely easier. Now, with so many learners, the magnet that could pique their interest would vary—whether it’s the content you provide, the copy that makes them intrigued enough to click, the creativity of your ads, and other factors.

The most important thing to this is your visibility and ensuring that the ads are of the highest quality as leads go further into the funnel.

Digital advertising, when done right, is a guaranteed profit generator for your business. In fact, as experts in the space, we have a proven track record of doubling enrollments for disruptive and traditional education companies.

Table of Contents
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