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Digital Advertising for Bootcamps

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Last year’s pandemic forced many to leave their jobs. At the same time, huge hiring calls were being made by top companies. Altogether, this shed light on the widespread skills gap between job seekers and job vacancies.

Tech vacancies and the skill gap

Many of the hiring calls were specific about the qualifications they’re looking for—a huge chunk of them are asking for digital and tech skills. As a response to the companies’ needs and the uncertainty in the job market, individuals turned to bootcamps. Enrollments skyrocketed and it has only grown more and more from then.

As such, companies no longer need to sell the idea of bootcamps. In fact, according to Course Report, almost 72% of adults in the country have heard of bootcamps or know what they are.


People see them as valuable investments and a stepping stone to their career goals. However, that doesn’t mean that you can just let go of advertising altogether. You need to convince people to sign up for your courses, against all other competing organizations.

In an age where information is one click away, the most important thing for businesses is to be able to greet potential customers as soon as they’re ready to look for bootcamps.

This is the reason why search marketing should be high up in your marketing priorities. Keywords are extremely crucial to gaining as much traffic as possible and this will all depend on your strategies in place. Some of the most popular search ads for bootcamps include:

  • Online coding bootcamp
  • Coding bootcamp near me
  • Coding classes near me

However, just because there’s a huge search volume for the keyword or there’s a high cost per click, doesn’t mean that it will automatically result in a surge of customers. It’s always a balancing act.


Once they go from search to your landing page, different sets of strategies are required to keep them interested before they convert. For example, the landing page of Codesmith immediately showcases a sign-up form for efficiency. Along with this, they show the top companies where their graduates are working at, as social proof of their programs and to seal the deal.

Other essential parts of bootcamp landing pages from top companies include:

  • Average salary raise after taking the bootcamp
  • Testimonials
  • Different types of programs available
  • Free content and workshops
  • Class schedules
  • Events, webinars, and other promotional activities
  • Community support

For a general discussion on the CRO strategies of online courses, read through our article here.

Social media

Social media is inescapable in today’s world. It’s where we connect, get our cooking ideas and recipes from, and where we read thought pieces on current events. Imagine the untapped potential of having an open door that leads from social media to your website. That’s what a compelling social ad can do for you.

Besides, you can choose from different social channels, be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. which will all have different demographics and things they’re looking for in a bootcamp.

Bootcamps and other non-traditional paths will only keep growing as more and more people demand for them. However, this growth won’t be evenly distributed among the companies. The more the industry grows, the fiercer the competition would be so you need to be prepared to maximize every tool in your advertising arsenal.

Table of Contents
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