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Customer Retention Through Digital Advertising

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Last week, we discussed all about the importance of your learner’s customer journey. However, the journey shouldn’t stop there. You need to constantly engage with your customers so that they can be satisfied with your service and keep on coming back. This is where digital advertising comes into play when trying to retain customers.

The eLearning Landscape

Acquiring knowledge and skills today has never been easier. Learners all over the world can access resources from a variety of places, using different devices. Moreover, these online courses and programs often remain cost-effective in order to stay competitive.

Today, learners do not struggle with just one choice. They can hop on to advanced ones after finishing, take other subjects they might find interesting, or try out other platforms. This can be a double-edged sword, because although it’s easier to reach your desired audience and gain their attention, it’s also much harder to keep them.

Customer Retention

Most marketing strategies are focused on acquiring new customers. However, here are some interesting facts that show how crucial customer retention is for a well-balanced marketing strategy:

  • Acquiring new customers is around 5-25x more expensive than retaining current ones
  • The most loyal customers are responsible for almost 40% of the overall revenue generated

So overall, it costs you less to retain customers than acquire them.

Continually Improving On Your Service

Some of the things you can improve on your service as Thought Industries highlighted includes:

  • The user experience of the platform
  • The content of your courses
  • The subject matter expertise of instructors
  • The outcome of lessons through summaries, pacing, and evaluation methods such as quizzes

Masterclass, for example, continuously builds their course offerings by inviting top experts in their fields. What started as one or two experts for a topic–like writing–has expanded into wider aspects, touching on subjects like gardening and cooking. They’ve also made topics more in-depth. For example, providing writing classes ranging from comedy to science fiction to scriptwriting. Previous users can be alerted with these new offerings through display ads.

This graph by Capterra showcases how businesses use digital tools in order to promote new products and services.

Promotions That Draw Audiences In

Besides great platforms and engagement, the key to having a winning customer retention strategy is to stay first in your customers’ minds. You need to be present in the platforms your learners frequent to display and highlight your latest offerings and promotions.

Some of the ways you can go about this is through:

Paid search

As new skills are in trend, it’s good to separate yourself from competitors when learners begin researching using search engines.

Social ads

Make your presence known and nudge learners into finally signing up for a course they’ve been thinking about by appearing at the right place and time through social ads. You can choose from a variety of platforms, depending on what platforms your target learners use. Learn more about them here.

Display Ads

Cross-sell products or services to current customers through display ads. Google allows you to showcase these across their network which includes YouTube, and across 2 million websites, videos, and apps.


Present special discounts or limited offerings to learners who keep coming back to your site. By rewarding loyalty, they will be eager to keep learning and going back for more.

Pique their interest

Besides loyal customers, you can also entice those who used your service a long time ago but haven’t returned since through customized offers. One of the ways you can gain their interest is through the use of Facebook ads.

Table of Contents
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