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Cultivating Customer Loyalty

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In the age of streaming and subscriptions, customer loyalty is the new conversion. It’s the best way for your business to stay in top shape.

We see its massive effect on a daily basis with celebrities, influencers, and top companies. However, customer loyalty is also something that can influence the education industry as well.

Think of universities and colleges and the whole system of “legacy”. Incoming students would have already fostered trust with them because their parents have attended the same institution and have probably told them all about the experience.

Now, online courses, virtual programs, and remote training might be a different ball game but they can create a similar system of trust and loyalty. Instead of going against the fast pace of eLearning, use it to your own advantage to cultivate and retain customer loyalty.

Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning has been a buzzword for some time now, and for a good reason. With situations such as the Great Resignation and the Skills Gap (throw in economic crises and unemployment to the mix too), individuals are looking for ways to get ahead in their careers.

Lifelong learning allows for people to take back control in their work lives while companies are able to maximize their human resources in order to scale and take care of their employees’ professional growth.

Due to this trend, learners are determined to find the best platform to help them on this journey. And it’s not an easy one to take. That’s why when learners discover something that works well for them, they tend to stick to it.

You can read a more in-depth discussion about this here.


If you’re still not on-board with how tremendous an impact customer loyalty is for your business, here are just some of its advantages when utilized properly:

  • If there’s one thing that can really help grow your business, it’s a large and constant source of income. For loyal customers, they are content with what you have to offer, despite the plethora of choices available to them.
  • Since you have a customer base that you can engage with, you face greater returns in the long run and lower ad costs since the odds of repeat purchases are more guaranteed.
  • Having a dedicated user base that will voluntarily spread good reviews through word of mouth can help boost your company’s image and influence.

Creating Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty is a tricky thing to master. Still, there’s a tried-and-tested recipe that many top companies employ in order to bolster their relationship with their customers. A few of these include:

1. Constantly improving your customer’s learning experience. This can be done through your arsenal of courses, adding exciting new features, or utilizing the latest technology. Use remarketing ads in order to showcase the latest upgrades and additions to your platform.

2. Sending out specialized and tailored messages for your campaigns. Research shows that having an emotional connection to a company can make your brand memorable and irreplaceable for customers.

Besides that, make sure that you get to know these loyal customers deeply since you will be able to anticipate their needs and block off any of their challenges before they start feeling frustrated. A happy and content customer will continue supporting your company.

3. Make free content available at your platform in order to lure in potential leads. Use search and display ads in order to highlight the latest sales and discounts you might have to them.

At the same time, make sure that once they subscribe to you, you have more added value in store so that they feel that they’re getting more than what they paid for. Finding this balance can be tricky but always remember to make both potential and current customers feel special.

4. Build a strong community and sense of belonging for your learners. As they say, no man is an island. Social connections formed in platforms can transform the learning experience and make learners want to keep on going. You can foster this through forums, exclusive events, rewards, or by gamifying the whole learning process.
5. When all is said and done, superb customer service can truly elevate any company. That’s because learners are assured that when they’re facing difficulties with your service, they have someone to rely on to fix it and not cause any disruptions to their learning and working lives.
Table of Contents
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