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CRO Is a Moneymaker. Why Aren’t Education Marketers Doing It Right?

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CRO, the process of turning indifferent leads into more engaged, ready-to-convert prospects, is not something a lot of education marketers do. Even when they do, it doesn’t always lead to the best practices. In this article, we’re breaking down why.

Audiences are hyper-distracted but more discerning

Audiences, having been exposed to all kinds of things fighting for their attention every day, have been desensitized to online and offline marketing. In recent years, studies have shown that audiences are becoming less responsive to advertising and more selective of the media they pay attention to.

Consumers have also become more absentminded in their internet use, so any digital content that does not appeal to them is forgotten instantly. Marketers struggle with creating CRO strategies that overcome this digital blindness.

Businesses talk too much about their brand

Letting your customers know what you do and how you’re different from competitors is okay, but at the end of the day, what they only care about is how you can make their lives better and easier.

Claiming YOU are the best in the industry is less important than communicating how the customer benefits from your products or services. The copies on your ads, website, and landing pages have to be about what the customer wants to hear, and less about what you want to talk about.

Testing Inefficiently

The most common CRO mistakes we see fall under 2 things: the quality of your test and how much time you’re putting into each test.

The Optimization part of CRO involves testing, testing, and more testing. Providing the best possible user experience and improving usability is always ongoing work and unfinished business. However, how often you test is only secondary to the quality of your test–this includes your user behavior research, UX design, and copywriting.

Another common mistake marketers make all the time is ending their tests too soon. No high-quality test out there is going to report accurate results for you in 24 hours.

Our team’s hot tip: give your tests at least 1 or 2 weeks before making informed decisions.

Not having a CRO-dedicated team

CRO is the marketing world’s version of the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It’s a long game involving analyzing, changing user behavior and industry trends, making strategy tweaks based on data, and constant testing.

Unlike other business functions that can be set up and left alone, CRO strategies require close monitoring for effective budget handling and the best results. This means having a CRO-specific team helps you maintain productivity and control over your timelines and marketing dollars.

The Takeaway

CRO, despite being a lengthy investment, can create and sustain long-term growth for your business. The key is having experts stay on top of data analysis, landing pages, tests, and decision-making.

Grow Enrollments has a top-notch team of CRO experts that get us these kinds of client feedback:

“The CRO team at Grow Enrollments is the gold standard of what any agency should be in terms of project management and value delivered.”

Talk to us today to see how we can help you get ready-to-enroll leads while keeping you ahead of the competition.


Table of Contents
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