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Copy and Design Basics for a Compelling Website

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For any website to be engaging and persuasive, it needs to utilize copy and design fundamentals. Even your website will be more effective at reaching goals if you follow basic principles. In this article, we’ll go over the most essential aspects of writing and design, as well as some advice and guidelines to help you create a successful site.

Get Into The Mind of Users

Users are the ones clicking and interacting with your site. Never assume, however, that just because users click on your site, they would be 100% on board already. In truth, users scan the page, reading only bits and pieces, trying to find relevant information.

You need to build your website with their behavior in mind. Some of the shared features of a digital audience that you should consider and use to improve your site include:

  • Being Impatient
  • Not Making Optimal Decisions
  • Following Gut Feeling
  • Seeking Control

Don’t Test Visitors’ Patience

You’re proud of your brand and the service you offer–and you likely have a lot to share about your company. And while it’s all too easy to get carried away and perform a tell-all of your business, leads aren’t as interested in your history as they are about how to have their problems solved.

Give compelling reasons why they should delve deeper into your website. Our golden rule is: Don’t play hard to get! Lay out your best value drivers on your landing page. This means giving the most relevant information, showcasing your best photos, benefits, and unique advantage over competitors.

On top of this, make sure that your backend development is working. Your website should be loading properly and every visual display is high quality. There should be no grammar mistakes or awkward phrasing. It lowers your visitors’ perception of you. Besides these, the navigation should be intuitive so that users won’t have to stop and solve where their desired information is located.

Audiences Aren’t Robots

Audiences aren’t robots. They won’t be reading all you have to say—one by one—then proceed to the next page, then to the next, as you’ve painstakingly outlined in your sitemap. No, they hop from one random page to another random page, close your site, then hopefully remember it through an ad. Rinse and repeat.

In order to combat this chaos, every aspect of your site should be imbued with WHY they need to choose you. If not, you’re wasting their time and your space on the website.

Grow The Gut Feeling

So many of our general decisions in life are influenced and made based on our gut feeling. That doesn’t mean you have to give up all your CRO efforts and leave it up to the wind to decide your fate. We don’t have a defeatist attitude here on Grow Enrollments.

Instead, you can cultivate tiny elements in your site that build up so that your audience will instead think, “Yes, they’re the one.” Effortlessness is an illusion. Behind it is all hard work.

For this to happen, make sure you remain consistent with A/B Testing. It’s the only way you can figure out what your audience resonates with the most.

Sweep Away The Doubts

When you’re creating a site, your job is to get rid of the question marks a visitor might have.

It becomes even more crucial on the sign-up page. Imagine a lead wanting to try out your course but then it takes them to another page. A detail as seemingly minute as a slow page loading time gives them the opportunity to click away. Then, you ask them to fill out so many details—credit card info, name, age, interests, their 7th birthday cake flavor…and they’re off the page.

Create less user experience friction by maintaining simplicity throughout your content. When everything is streamlined, you’re creating more incentive for leads to explore your page.

Send us a message so we can examine your Conversion Rate Optimization strategies and offer a report detailing growth opportunities—all for free! Our CRO Director Max will be more than happy to share his expertise with you.

Table of Contents
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