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A better user experience,
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conversions for a Culinary School

  • 90% increase in lead quantity
  • 28% average decrease in CPA
  • Paid Search
  • CRO

Case Overview

We were contacted by a major state Culinary School because they were interested in our Conversion Rate Optimization program, which consists of identifying underlying user experience issues and solving them to increase the leads they acquire.

One of the first things we did was conduct a UX audit of their most important pages, followed by a complete redesign.

Because of the unprecedented results we generated, the client trusted us with reengineering their Google Ads account from the ground up.

The Challenge

At Grow Enrollments, we create wins by making decisions that are based on data showing us what works. So before starting to redesign anything, we began by conducting multiple interviews with the client’s sales team. 

This gave us an understanding of their customer’s mindset from the moment they picked up the phone to call the school after landing on the website. The idea was to map out the fears, questions, and motivations they had in mind.

Our research showed that:

  • The hierarchy of information on the pages was counter-intuitive.
  • The outdated website design evoked trust issues and lessened brand credibility.
  • There were too many existing elements that caused distraction and made the call-to-actions and value proposition unclear.
  • The mobile experience was poor.
  • The images were very generic and obviously “stock-like”.
  • The copy on the most important pages was vague, raising more questions but providing very few answers.

Our Solution

After conducting our interview with the sales team to gather valuable user insight, we did an in-depth analysis of their web analytics to understand, from a quantitative perspective, where users were dropping off in their journey.  Finally, we conducted a heuristic analysis and identified friction points relating to user experience.

We then started creating new designs and testing them against the original versions and we are happy to report that all 4 new pages have been performing tremendously better than their original versions.


Since we released that new version of their main product page, for this product only, we observed an improvement of over 90% in leads having confirmed an appointment with the school in order to register into their chosen culinary program.

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