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The Growth of An Online Education Company Providing Accredited
University Classes

  • 195% increase in lead quantity
  • 47% average decrease in CPA
  • Paid Search
  • CRO

Case Overview

This client is an online education company providing accredited classes for university and college degrees. We partnered with them in July 2020 and have since delivered phenomenal results. They grew their enrollments from 26 in July 2020 to now 140 in March 2021. So far we have achieved a monthly enrollment growth of 438%!

The Challenge

The client faced multiple challenges, the first of which was tracking. They weren’t tracking their leads properly in Google Ads and they had no detailed data getting passed to their CRM. This meant that lead quality was uncertain. 

Furthermore, this client was spending less than they liked, especially given their growth goals. With their lead quality looking poor and expensive, they couldn’t scale further to achieve profitability. On top of this, we also had to address volume and efficiency.

Our Solution

To start, we audited their front-end conversion actions and tracking on the website. We made unique conversion actions and thank-you pages for each program so we can easily distinguish between them and more easily troubleshoot potential issues. 

Once we were certain that Google Ads was tracking things right, we needed additional visibility into what’s happening in their CRM post-lead.

But first, the account was restructured and improvements toward higher volume and improved efficiencies began. With our new campaigns live, we got quick wins and immediately started improving front-end CPL while steadily growing spend. We started at a monthly budget of just $20k and are now looking to spend over $50k and this growth is nowhere near done. 

In order to facilitate the growth the client is aiming for, we needed to make sure that the leads we were generating were converting to enrollments. The client didn’t have a good understanding of their CRM, how it functioned, and how important it is for long-term progress. 

We implemented keyword-level data to get captured in the CRM, meaning we could now see which keyword, device, and match type generated each lead from Search. This let us (and the client) identify what is working and what is not. 

We also started parsing out the leads depending on their stage in the funnel. We analyzed which leads signed up for an appointment, which attended an appointment, and finally which ones enrolled and generated revenue. 

This added a layer of efficiency to our work and the client was more than happy to receive transparent reports on their growth trajectory. This also helped them make further business decisions even outside of Search. 

Another key factor that played an important role in performance was our application of conversion rate optimization on one of their most important courses.

We created a new landing page that answered the questions and assessed the fears and uncertainties their prospects have just before they convert.

We added trust signals, improved user experience, and provided a new design, which scaled the conversion rates by over 30%!


We’ll let the results speak for themselves. On a monthly basis:

  • Leads went up from 697 to 1588, an increase of 128%
  • CPL went down from $32 to $27, a decrease of 15%
  • Their appointments booked tripled and appointments attended went up 4x
  • We scaled their budget from $22k to $45k
  • Most importantly, their enrollments went up from 26 to 140. That’s more than 4x growth in enrollments on a monthly basis compared to when we started working with them. This has made the business a lot more profitable and they’re currently expanding and hiring more people to satisfy the new demand.




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