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How a Training Academy Increased Their Enrollments

  • CLIENT: Unitech
  • 195% increase in lead quantity
  • 47% average decrease in CPA
  • Paid Search
  • CRO

Case Overview

The client is an accredited college offering education at the career school level, and to develop skills with habits conducive to excellence in the business and medical industry. We started our partnership in November 2020 with the main challenge of increasing lead generation.

Within 3 months of partnering with this client, we were able to achieve a 195% increase in leads, while maintaining CPA within the $70 range.

We then looked at the user experience and tried to figure out what we could do to improve the conversion rate from a landing page perspective.  Now that we have much better qualified traffic coming in, we wanted to maximize the potential of our paid traffic from within the website.

The Challenge

The client faced numerous challenges, the main one being the rapid transition from hands-on, on-campus learning to an online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Another top priority was increasing lead volume for each campus followed by restructuring generic and unclear landing pages, tracking issues and poor implementation of very limited CRM.

We then conducted user research to understand what their users expect after clicking on an ad from the academy versus what they were shown on the actual landing page. 

We quickly found out that the landing page being used was too generic and wasn’t answering the most basic questions students had after clicking on the ads.

The visitors were sent a generic web page which offered limited details and pushed visitors away from converting because they started to look for that important missing information elsewhere on the website.

We decided to create a dedicated landing page which would include all of that critical knowledge students were looking for and also remove unnecessary exit points. 

The new page, rather than offering high level details about the course, would now offer in-depth information. 

Our hypothesis was that this new page would convert better because the student didn’t need to navigate away in order to find the answers to their questions before wanting to give us their personal details.  

Our Solution

To solve this problem the first thing we did was restructure the account and make improvements toward increasing lead volume & lead quality. Success was already visible within the first month. Lead rate increased by 100% while decreasing the CPL by 47%. To address the issues the pandemic created, the client developed a fully-online program which with proper account structure in place, smart bidding technology and CRO efforts, delivered skyrocketing results.

We created an A/B test where we challenged the current page with a new one for which we:

  • Gathered the most powerful student testimonials and reviews
  • Displayed evident trust signals on the page, such as accreditations, licenses, etc.
  • Clearly outlined the benefits of completing the course and getting certified
  • Simplified the lead capture form
  • Answered financial questions which were ignored before
  • Created a brand new design, which is modern and offers a much improved experience


  • Increase in leads after first month of taking over – increase in leads from 135 to 273 (+100%) while decreasing CPL from $126 to $67 (-47%)
  • Paid Search achieved a 195% increase in leads over a 3-month period, while maintaining CPA at $70 range hitting the goal
  • Increase in enrollments – takeover ( Nov 20 – April 21) compared to Nov 19 – April 20 – increase in enrollments from search by 22%
  • We scaled their budget from 15k to 35k


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