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How Grow Enrollments Helped an Online IT Bootcamp Provider Use Offline Conversion Data to Improve Campaign Results

  • 113% increase in applications
  • 18% average decrease in CPA
  • Paid Search
  • CRO

Case Overview

This client is the provider of a high-end online bootcamp in the tech market vertical. We’ve had the pleasure of working with them for a good while now, and it has been very interesting how our focus has shifted once we were able to dig deeper into their data to discover the areas of their campaigns that truly drive value for their business. Their sales funnel is fairly typical for businesses operating in this space, looking essentially like the following:
  • Lead Form
  • Online
  • Interview
  • Sale
When they first engaged with us, it was emphasized in our early conversations that our goal wasn’t just to drive more leads. Instead, we were to keep a close eye on the volume and cost of applicants to their program.

The Challenge

Their application process is extensive, taking 15-20 minutes to complete and consequently being a good indicator of strong interest. Up until that point, they had had a difficult time scaling up the number of applicants without significantly increasing their per-applicants costs, and so that is what we took on as a challenge.

Our Solution

We conducted user research to help us figure out how we could make the application simpler. We regrouped people together who were a perfect match with the students of this bootcamp provider and asked them to go through the process and give us their feedback in real-time while we observed their behavior.

This allowed us to not only optimize the application funnel, but also the landing page where visitors came through which:

  • Was lacking a clear value proposition
  • Was confusing by the amount of information displayed
  • Offered too many exit points, which allowed the visitor to leave because they couldn’t find their needed right then and there
  • Was oriented on features rather than benefits

After just four months of engagement with Grow Enrollments, using our proprietary methods for building campaigns and conversion rate optimization, we had achieved a monthly increase in applications of 115% more than any previous month, while lowering the average cost per application by 18%. Overall, considering the metrics we had been given, an amazing success!

AB testing examples as part of the CRO process

However, at Grow Enrollments we always question and validate our data. After working with the client for a while, we had successfully helped them integrate their back-end conversion data into Google Ads. And what we learned from that data was very surprising.

Specifically, we saw that in spite of there being a very lengthy application process in place, a large percentage of new applicants weren’t showing up to interviews, and consequently weren’t progressing further in the sales process. Digging further into that information, we found that there were specific categories of keywords that were more likely to lead to interviews and sales. And other categories, while they might generate a lead and an applicant, were more likely to result in no-shows when it came time to interview.

This new data led us to perform a restructure of the client’s campaigns in order to prioritize spend towards the categories of searches that were more likely to lead to sales, while pulling back on spend elsewhere.

While our lead and application volume actually fell as a result, our bottom-line sales have now begun to do better than ever, and the client has been extremely grateful for the additional insight that they now have into their campaign performance.

After having many experiences like the one above, here at Grow Enrollments we are huge believers in integrating every possible piece of data into our optimization process that we can. You never know what that information is going to tell you, and how it can lead to massive improvements in your current marketing performance.


In the first three months while working with Evolve Security, we managed to achieve the following results:

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