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Basics of Appealing to and Retaining Learners with PPC

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At first glance, PPC might seem more like a tool for attraction rather than retention. After all, students need to search for you, or related keywords, in order to click on an ad. However, with proper and varied strategies in place, you can utilize (and maximize!) your PPC campaigns to increase both student retention and attraction.

Using the Student Psyche When Remarketing

Have you ever had your attention pulled away one second and before you know it, you’ve completely forgotten what you were supposed to do? Well, it’s much worse in the digital space where there are millions of things competing for your prospect’s attention at any given time.

That’s why you need to set up a remarketing strategy alongside your paid search efforts. Think of it this way: remarketing provides the necessary pull for your website from previous visitors. Maybe they click on the ad, maybe not, but if you’ve made your remarketing content unique, then it’s already a win!

If it’s memorable, then chances are your prospect will be searching for your ad again on Google (Or Bing and other search engines). Your PPC is then the push to get them to finally go back to your website.

Sometimes, remarketing is even the most challenging part. Imagine a student started with a course. Naturally, they begin excited and interested. But motivation wanes and before you know it, learners are dropping off after a few sessions. A combination of remarketing and PPC helps you prevent this.

Personalization is Always In

Today’s consumers no longer just purchase. They want an experience. The same goes for the education industry. From the very moment your students start looking for a course or a program to conversion, you should be making sure that they feel special with personalization.

For remarketing and re-engagement strategies, for example, mention their progress in the courses they’re currently taking. Or maybe they were looking up a particular certificate. Remind them of the upcoming test dates. You have to go beyond selling. Learn how to be a champion of their dreams.

You can do that and foster loyal bonds by providing insights across your platforms whether it’s on social media or on your platforms. You want the students to be continuously learning so they can feel motivated to finish and return. Focus on giving more instead of receiving.

‘Tis The Season To Convert

There’s a reason why paid ads are much more expensive during peak season—customers are much more likely to convert! Their question then becomes: Which company will they entrust their money and future to?

Now, in order to be that company, you need to answer their questions in your PPC ad. The beauty of a great PPC strategy is how it enables short but impactful copy that you can communicate and resonate with your target audience.

Some quick tips to succeed here:

  • Using numbers like percentages and discounts
  • Offering sales and promotions to get your audience intrigued
  • Cut the fluff and focus on what learners can expect from you and the site

In short, focus on your learners’ needs in your ads and that’s half the battle done!

Want more PPC chat? Read more of our articles in our Education Center or contact our PPC team today for a run-through on the best strategies to get your PPC campaigns going.

Table of Contents
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