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Avoid These Budget-Draining Mistakes For Your Landing Page

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First impressions are everything. And in the digital world, landing pages serve as the first introduction of people to your company. It’s how they turn from an audience (be it from social media, newsletters, display ads, videos, or what-have-you) to a potential customer.

Naturally, potential is the keyword. In order to boost this potential, you need to allocate as much resources into your marketing. Common mistakes made in the landing page can detract from these resources that would have otherwise resulted in conversion dollars.

Here are the topmost budget-draining mistakes you’re making in your landing page:

Using A Single Landing Page

See the title above? Single landing page. That’s not the most efficient way to go. Instead, turn your landing page into landing pages.

Each page should target a specific type of visitor (i.e., lead capture, downloadable resources), and make use of relevant keywords and phrases in order to attract attention from potential customers.

Imagine walking past a store. You see the mannequins by the window and—bleh, totally not your style. Would you go inside? No, right? The beauty of CRO and the digital world is you can tailor these windows to passersby so you can stir their interest.

Not Considering Your Audience’s Needs

The landing page gets a video. The landing page gets promotions. The landing page gets the history of your company. Our advice: stick to what engages. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience. You want to pull visitors further into your website, not push them out.

Establish the important data. What are your audience’s pain-points and how can you communicate that through words and design? Your copy has to be tailored specifically to their needs and interests.

Choosing Flashy Over Useful

Your efforts should be primed for getting the most conversions. And sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best.

Take headlines, for example. You don’t need fancy buzzworthy gibberish. The purpose of it is simple: to give people the information they need before purchasing. It should also not be misleading.

Further down the landing page, the body should be laid out in an easy-to-read format with clear and concise text. Make it non-negotiable to have smooth-sailing landing pages for mobile devices. % of users use it for browsing.

A Mismatch of Content and Design

There’s nothing that sums up wasted potential more than a beautiful website with uninspiring copy. Or vice versa. Or worse: Turtle-slow loading speed. Friendly reminder from our team: people are impatient. They will not hesitate to click out of your website.

Another mismatch to watch out for are images and videos. They should be used sparingly but effectively. They shouldn’t take up too much space or distract from the content. Relevance is key. This way, it adds up rather than detracts from your points to conversion.

Over the years, we’ve helped companies with their landing pages that resulted in boosted conversions. Want to make your website more effective in capturing leads and making sales? Talk to our CRO team today.

Table of Contents
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