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Valentin Kurdov

Sr. Account Manager

You’ll usually find Valentin devising his plans of overthrowing Google from their throne as AI overlords. When he is not thinking about the robots spying on him in the shower, he’s actually pretty good at PPC.

But not just any kind of PPC – 100% organic, grass fed, free-range, GMO-free PPC!

Valentin is a specialist in innovating paid search account structures and is especially interested in the back-end of things; taking a look under the hood if you will.

His knowledge of the education space can theoretically qualify him for being a dean at an Ivy League school and his lead to application conversion rates are on point!

Posts by Valentin Kurdov

The lead form ad extension is a new feature by Google Ads. It allows you to capture leads straight from your ads, before the user even lands on your landing page.

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