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Valentin Kurdov

Sr. Account Manager

You’ll usually find Valentin devising his plans of overthrowing Google from their throne as AI overlords. When he is not thinking about the robots spying on him in the shower, he’s actually pretty good at PPC.

But not just any kind of PPC – 100% organic, grass fed, free-range, GMO-free PPC!

Valentin is a specialist in innovating paid search account structures and is especially interested in the back-end of things; taking a look under the hood if you will.

His knowledge of the education space can theoretically qualify him for being a dean at an Ivy League school and his lead to application conversion rates are on point!

Posts by Valentin Kurdov

The global change brought about by COVID-19 has accelerated many processes that were already in place. Higher education should brace for the beginning of a technology-centric and student-focused future.
There is one thing on the minds of many education institutions right now, and that is what is going to happen to their fall semesters that are scheduled to start a few months from now. The truth is that nobody really knows. What we do know is that it will largely depend on how the COVID-19 situation develops over time.
Having the right account structure and optimizing your campaigns accordingly is extremely important. However, the key is not to optimize everything, but to optimize the right things. This article will talk about what KPIs we should be looking at when making strategic decisions and allocating budgets.

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