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CRO, the process of turning indifferent leads into more engaged, ready-to-convert prospects, is not something a lot of education marketers do. Even when they do, it doesn't always lead to the best practices. In this article, we’re breaking down why.
PPC campaigns can achieve quick and measurable results, keep ad costs low, and bring in highly-targeted audiences. However, success can be quite challenging to replicate. In this article, we’re dissecting the ingredients of a persuasive and click-worthy PPC campaign.
PPC remains popular alongside the development of the internet and digital advertising. When executed right, PPC generates quick and long-term conversion wins without the hefty price tag. In this article, we exposed three of the most common PPC myths that could be stopping you from enjoying the full benefits of paid ads.
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising for the education industry is a cutthroat playing field. To say that finding your footing and claiming a profitable chunk of the market can be hard is an understatement. So it’s really not surprising to see eLearning companies battling (and mostly losing) against high costs and intense competition.

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